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  RFID Campus/Factory/Property Access Solution
RFID campus/factory/property intelligent safety management system (access management system) is a set of intelligent management system for unified access management, unified attendance and related automatic notification. This system is a set of information exchange system which integrates advanced RFID technology, 110 linkage alarm technology, access control technology, computer technology and wireless communication technology. It can monitor all incoming and outgoing situations, entering and leaving schools and office areas in real time, and inform receiving terminals in time. The system can adjust the system according to different situations of schools, factories and parking lots. Design the structure, make it play a safe access, monitoring access, file information management and other functions.
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  RFID Park Garden Solution
According to the actual demand of park fee management, the RFID park system combines mobile communication technology, RFID technology and computer information management system to realize the intelligent management system of unified cartoon billing and settlement for the admission and consumption of a wide range of scenic spots in the park.
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  RFID Storage Solution
RFID Warehousing Solution is a comprehensive Solution of Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. for the application of RFID in warehousing field. According to the experience of information implementation and based on the self-developed RFID reading and writing equipment, the system provides enterprises with the analysis of the application mode of RFID, realizes the automation, informatization and intellectualization of enterprise logistics operation, and realizes the seamless connection between RFID technology and enterprise information system, so as to ensure that the RFID technology plays the greatest benefit in enterprise logistics operation.
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  RFID Assets Solution
RFID Assets The management system adopts the combination of UHF RFID technology and software technology to realize the management of fixed assets. RFID technology is a kind of automatic identification technology which is produced and developed in the application practice of computer. It is designed to realize the automatic scanning of information. The system installs RFID tags on every fixed asset that needs to be managed, RFID reader is installed on the channel where the fixed assets may flow. The upper computer system divides the fixed assets into regions or classified management. When the fixed assets move, the system automatically tracks their location and determines the new orientation. Handheld devices are used when the fixed assets are counted, and the equipment information is written into the label in time. Sign.
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  RFID Pet Electronic Label Solution
The RFID pet identification management system includes two parts: software system and hardware system. The software system consists of central database management software and terminal management software, which is used to manage, input and transmit pet information data. The hardware system is composed of pet chip, reader, read-write device and data server. It is used to collect, identify and transmit pet data.
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