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  Access control Solution
Intelligent access control system is based on smart card, card reader, control host. Communication network, computer, software and other integrated development management system. Unlike simple access control, intelligent access control system is mainly applied to users with higher requirements for access control management. This system is true for the entry and exit of external and internal personnel. Strict management has been achieved, which can not only control the entry and exit of personnel by classification and division of authority, but also control the entry and exit of personnel by time-sharing and time-limited. Records can be stored and inquired, which meets the security requirements of enterprises and organs. At the same time, it can also control the entry and exit of personnel by time-sharing and time-limited.It improves the efficiency of enterprise management and establishes the image of enterprise.
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  Elevator remote video surveillance Solution
Elevator remote video surveillance Solution It adopts scientific, mainstream and development-oriented technology, equipment and concepts with high degree of system integration and modularization. Reasonable design, concise structure, complete functions, practical, can effectively control and improve work efficiency, to meet the actual needs of monitoring work. At the same time, the installation and debugging of the system and the operation of the software should be simple and easy to master, which is suitable for China's national conditions and the characteristics of this project.。
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  Government vehicle GPS monitoring management solution
GPS positioning system is flexible in use, which can be suitable for monitoring and management in different industries and units at the same time. Within the authorized scope, it can extract the use of vehicles at any time according to the need, and automatically alarm records beyond the prescribed departure routes or regions, which greatly improves the convenience of use and achieves the operability of vehicle management. GPS intelligent monitoring and management system is composed of intelligent vehicle unit, GSM/GPRS digital communication network, GPS/GPRS central server and GPS intelligent monitoring client software.
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  Face Recognition System Solution
With advanced face recognition technology and optimized terminal design, the recognition speed is faster, the capacity is larger, and the communication function is stronger. The software adopts modular design to facilitate user customization. Compared with the traditional one-card system, Yonghao system is convenient, efficient and advanced, which highlights the quality of management, and is more suitable for application in the office and CBD. Face Recognition System is an information management system based on Face Recognition technology, which aims at the actual situation of government departments, such as office, enterprise staff attendance, entrance guard, canteen catering, parking and so on. Realize the function of "a smiling face, a passing unit".
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