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  Campus Card Solution
It mainly realizes the financial consumption function and identity recognition function of the campus card, and realizes the function of "one card in hand, traveling all over the campus". In practical application, it is widely used in teaching, borrowing books, medical treatment, management, life and other aspects. Campus Card system includes the following subsystems: campus card management center, dining room consumption subsystem, access control management system, bath subsystem, library system, supermarket card charging system, etc. In the overall structure design of Campus Card system, considering the current situation and future system expansion requirements, multi-interface, open framework design is adopted.
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  Intelligent Water Control Solution
Intelligent Water Control system is a subsystem of Yonghao Electronic Card Management System. It can also operate independently. The system is developed according to the current situation and management characteristics of water use in enterprises and campuses. The system uses electronic wallet mode to record consumption only. The water control equipment and the upper computer system are used offline. The consumption mode is one-time recharge, multiple transfers, real-time debit and transfer machine to realize network management. It is easy to compose a large-scale system without collecting terminal data. It is easy to realize multi-purpose card and upgrade the system. The system is divided into timing and metering type, which is suitable for apartments, public bathrooms and boiled water rooms. Through system software, water controllers, management machines, cards and network communication, users can purchase water first, then use water, use more, use less, close valves automatically and stop supplying water scientifically. It is an ideal solution to the difficulty of water management in Colleges and universities, and it can effectively save water resources. It brings enormous economic and social benefits to schools and society.
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  Driving school training Solution
The software of IC card driving school management system mainly deals with the overall processing of background data and the management of various resources, including the basic settings of hardware resources such as on-board learning opportunities, the unified issuance, authorization and recharge of IC cards, as well as the collection, transmission, query, statistics, financial management, settlement, statements, printing and other related business work. The system management software uses large database SQL Server as background database, Delphi as foreground development tool and advanced object-oriented programming method, which can meet the technical requirements of large amount of data processing and fast processing speed. It also provides a friendly and humanized all-Chinese operation interface, which is convenient, simple but powerful.
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