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  Enterprise smart card solution
Enterprise Card System is an intelligent management system designed and developed according to the characteristics of industrial enterprises. It is a package of Solutions provided by our company for industrial enterprises from hardware terminal development and design to software development and system integration. The hardware of the system meets the requirements of the industrial field environment, and the software is customized for many years. The design includes system configuration, personnel management, attendance subsystem, access control subsystem, consumption subsystem, water control subsystem, staff bus management subsystem and salary subsystem.
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  The one-card management system Solution
The one-card management system of government units is a system developed and designed by Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. according to the characteristics of information management of government institutions. The application of "intelligent IC one-card" in Enterprise has become a good way to step onto a new stage of scientific management. It provides a brand-new way of life for people, that is, "intelligent, digital" life and work management mode.
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  Bus Charge Solution
Yonghao Electronic Bus Fee Collection System includes intelligent bus card swipe management system: contactless IC card swipe function, real-time data transmission of CDMA, GPS card swipe positioning. To achieve real-time control, saving resources and scientific management, and then to improve work efficiency, optimize the quality of service, consolidate employee relations, improve external impact, enterprise management effect. Contactless intelligent bus card swipe management system is a part of "one-card" of "Yonghao" intelligent management. It is a brand-new intelligent bus card swipe management system with computer management as the core, contactless IC card as the information carrier.
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  Canteen catering Solution
The canteen catering management system is a management system specially designed for the management needs of government organs, factories, mining enterprises, institutions, colleges and secondary schools. The system includes catering management software, computers, terminal consuming machines, radio frequency IC/ID cards, card issuing machines, RS485/TCP network and other major parts, in order to realize the catering staff, quantity, order, consumption, consumption amount, number of times. The management of settlement not only avoids the waste of manpower, material and financial resources caused by the circulation of traditional meal vouchers, but also avoids the falsification and loss of meal vouchers, the outflow of canteen welfare, the cross-infection of pathogens and other malpractices. It also realizes the financial day-to-month closure, and improves the efficiency of work and management.
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  Personnel attendance Solution
Personnel attendance management system is composed of system management software, attendance terminal, communication equipment, management computer, printer and other parts. The terminal hardware adopts Yonghao attendance machine series products, and can also use fingerprint attendance terminal and face recognition terminal according to user needs. The system is convenient for staff attendance and management departments to accurately and timely count the attendance time of each staff member, and can query, count and analyze the attendance time of each staff member at any time.
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  Conference Check-in System Solution

Yonghao Conference Check-in System is a system management software developed for meeting management needs of organs, enterprises and schools. The system combines RFID intelligent management technology to realize registration of participants, card making and issuing, admission time record, exit time record, leave time record, admission voice prompt, exit voice prompt, admission identity display, admission alarm and participation of NON-CONFERENCE related personnel. Non-authorized departure alarm of meeting personnel, generation of meeting check-in reports, etc., effectively ensure the safety of the meeting and the integrity of the meeting, is an ideal management software for large-scale meetings of organs and units.

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