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  The Urban Roadside parking management system
Urban roadside parking management system can comprehensively plan, optimize and manage urban roads, traffic and parking, fully exploit urban parking resources, in particular, scientifically and rationally expand roadside space occupying parking resources, and the economic lever of reasonable charging for the roadside space occupying parking realizes the efficient use of parking resources. The system provides efficient, convenient and orderly services for traffic and parking in the city, thus improving urban traffic congestion and parking difficulties.
  Forward active safety warning ADAS system(Anti-collision system)
Forward active safety warning ADAS system, namely anti-collision system from Yonghao Electronic, forms real-time perception and monitoring of all abnormal conditions during driving by GPS/BD ministerial standard equipment, 3G/4G video equipment, Intelligent forward ADAS equipment, and driving behavior testing equipment. Yonghao big data platform timely aggregates, analyzes and mines real-time data generated by various devices. It makes 2.5seconds advance warning, and reduces the probability of collisions by 85%.
  Driving behavior acquisition analysis system

The Yonghao Electronic Driving Behavior Acquisition and Analysis System monitors the driver's fatigue status and driving behavior throughout the day while the driver is driving. After discovering the driver's fatigue, yawning, blinking and other wrong driving conditions, the early warning system will analyze such behaviors in a timely manner and give voice and light prompts to alert the driver and correct wrong driving behavior.

  HD 360°/3D panoramic assisted driving system

The 360 panoramic assisted driving system is a very important part of vehicle safety management. With the blind spots in the visual field, more and more traffic accidents, and difficulties in obtaining evidence for accidents, Yonghao Company has incorporated the 360 panoramic assisted driving system into the traffic card system. The system uses software algorithms to image the four fisheye lenses outside the vehicle. It is combined into a seamless panoramic image and transmitted to the DVD display in real time via AV signals.

  Intelligent public transport electronic station board solution
“Intelligent digital public transportation” will adopt new generation application system which combines GPS, GPRS, RFID, GIS-T, with advanced video transmission technology and intelligent sensor. The system can provide real-time and accurate Chinese and English vehicle arrival forecast, multimedia video playback, real-time video monitoring, passenger feedback suggestions, and diversity information publish services. It can also expand taxi scheduling, emergency assistance, information inquiry and multiple social services functions, and effectively improve vehicle operating efficiency.
  Urban traffic smart card solution
Urban traffic smart card system designs for the actual demand of urban public transport charge management. It is the intelligent management system that combined with network technique, RFID technology, mobile communication technology, and computer information management system to realize smart card billing and settlement for taking multi-type vehicles in cities such as bus, metro, taxi, and shuttle bus.
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