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Urban pubic transport card system support for the field of bus ,taxi, pubic bicycle, rail transit, coach and ferry. It has functions of settling account, Intelligent dispatching, operation monitoring, emergency response, decision analysis, and intercity interconnection etc.
The system aims at achieving intelligent, convenient, high-efficient and sustainable traffic environment. We would like to promote development of the city to make it full of high technology and modernize our life to make the world more beautiful.
The system realizes the integration and sharing application with bus, lease, health, education, business, campus, community, enterprise, public utilities and other industry sub-center platform.
The card system will be associated with various management tasks of the enterprise with RFID. Every employee owns an IC card of this system which is able to be used for identification, work attendance, parking lot management,access control, consumption management, and security etc., The card system is not only the carrier of employee information management, but also the important facility of enterprise logistics service.
Campus card system is major constitute part of Campus Digitization. The system mainly includes functions of multiple consumption, identification, financial service and public information service. The whole system ought to be connected with bank system, campus original system and campus management information system. It is necessary to reserve proper interface for campus potential management information system, which makes it possible to add other management interface after completion of the project.
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The consumption management system take use of IC card instead of cash to manage the consumption income, earning ranking of the items, statistics details and so on. The system takes charge of income management, employee management, query management, membership management, customer data management, promotion management, discount management, details management etc. We intend to establish an advanced information management platform and turn it into a playground full of hi-tech. No matter where you are, IC card will bring you freedom and convenience.
Access controller is built-in mass memory. It supports both network connection and wireless processing. The controllers are able to make records with wireless processing and transmit the records into main server till network connects. After completion of data collection and processing, the controllers send the command opening or closing the door, and communicate with management software to send the information to computer database. Each controller has its reliable single chip to ensure that even if management center has malfunction, it can work independently.
  RFID solution
RFID radio frequency identification is a technique of wireless communication. There is no need to build mechanical or optical contact between special target and recognition system, but to recognize special target and read related data by wireless signal. The significant advantage of RFID system is non-contact recognition, which enables it to read tags in bad environment such as snow, fog, ice, paint, dust, while barcode is unable to pass through. The RFID can read rapidly taking less than 100 millisecond in most cases. RFID is a flexible application technology which is easy to control, simple and practical, and especially suitable for automatic control. The short range RF products are able to work in all kinds of bad circumstances. They can replace barcode since they are not afraid of oil stain, dust pollution or any other bad environment.
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