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Anti-collision lifting column
The lifting pole and the traffic light of the sluice can be controlled by linkage, or can be combined with other control equipment to realize automatic control. The lifting pole can be controlled by adding card swipe device, fingerprint, face recognition machine, ID card and swiping card. The lifting pole can be connected with the management system of the lifting pole to realize unified management of cloud platform and remote control of the lifting pole by computer...
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Law Enforcement Recorder-4G
Enforcement recorder 1080P high-definition video recording, 1600W pixel shooting, 120 degrees wide angle shooting, infrared night vision mode, more than 8 hours of work time, data encryption storage, intercom connection, in line with the Ministry of Public Security GA/T 947-2011 standards;..
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Law Enforcement Recorder-3G
The law enforcement recorder has built-in WIF module to connect WIFI hotspots, wireless transmission of files or real-time video; built-in 3G module to support 3G network WCDMA, which can wireless transmission of files or real-time video after connecting to the network; important video markers: in the camera state, when encountering important scenes, press the button for key...
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Vehicle positioning terminal
Vehicle positioning terminal is based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. It locates or monitors remote targets through short message or internet. With mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function, compatible with the original car anti-theft device: car anti-theft device alarm equipment also alarm..
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Vehicle positioner
The vehicle positioner integrates GSM wireless communication technology and GPS system positioning technology. The terminal is designed with industrial high integration and full built-in antenna. It has the functions of ACC detection, vibration anti-theft and alarm. Users can send instructions to implement remote power cut-off. Wide voltage input range makes this product widely applicable to motorcycles...
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Driving School Management Equipment YHDRL-FC/G
Driving School Management Equipment YHDRL-FC/G is the first product in China that integrates fingerprint, swipe card, radio frequency technology and real-time recording function (training time, driving speed, mileage), and achieves the perfect combination of electronic integration and network information technology...
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