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Face Recognition Terminal, Face Recognition System
Face recognition is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human face feature information. By comparing the information in the ID card with the photos taken on the spot, the system can quickly register the identity information of the visitors and the holder, and the recognition rate is over 99.9%....
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Swing Gates YH-B001
The swing YH-B001 motherboard is a visual operation mode (operated according to actual needs); the swing motherboard provides Chinese/English menu operation; the swing motherboard has its own electromagnet test function; and the swing motherboard has its own high-definition and fidelity audio decoding chip, which can read, write and erase software intelligently synthesize voice at any time...
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Wing Gates YH-Y001
The YH-Y001 main board device of the wing brake consists of two parts, the main board and the slave board, which are very convenient to install; the main board of the wing brake has its own test function every 1.5s/switch gate, and the display screen shows more than 5000 times before leaving the factory; the main board of the wing brake is a visual operation mode; and the main board of the wing brake provides menu operation in Chinese/English...
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Three Roller Gates YH-S001
YH-S001 three-roll gate is made of 304 stainless steel. It is designed according to international standards of moisture-proof, dust-proof and water-proof. Surface treatment: wire drawing (default)/polishing (optional)/electroplating (optional)/baking paint (optional). On the basis of standardized design, laser blanking and opening of the box body...
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