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IC / ID card issuing device / card reader / writer YHFK-1/2
IC / ID card issuing device / card reader / writer YHFK-1/2 Is the card read and write operations ca...
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LCD consumer machine YHXF-9
LCD consumer machine YHXF-9 set consumption, recharge, query in one, more powerful; can operate inde...
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Consumer machine YHPSC-P31
Consumer machine YHPSC-P31 is equipped with RS232, TCP / IP (optional), RS485 (optional), CAN bus (o...
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Water control one machine
Water control one machine integrated design, easy to install, simple appearance, and appropriate env...
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Water control YHSK-1
Water control YHSK-1 non-contact IC / ID card as an electronic wallet, with a high-performance energ...
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ID consumption machine YHPSD-P01
ID consumption machine YHPSD-P01 uses radio frequency identification technology, combined with moder...
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