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  Yonghao Electronic Enterprise Shuttle Bus Management System Charge Mode Detailed Explanation
The emergence of Yonghao shuttle bus management system solves the problem of disordered enterprise shuttle bus management. From the perspective of the enterprise, it solves the different needs of enterprise employees and improves the management efficiency of enterprise.
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  Shuttle bus management system- Getting around by shuttle bus, as you think, different for you
Recently, the most important thing for public is the Chongqing bus crash. After the collision between the bus and the car on the second bridge of the Yangtze River in Wanzhou, the bus crashed into the river and was investigated by the public security organs to initially verify 15 people who lost contact. (the bus driver included)
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  Discussion on Mobile Payment Model of Transportation Card
Transportation card has become a convenient means of payment in the urban public sphere. A high-quality public transport service system has been built to facilitate the daily travel of citizens. It improves the service efficiency, management efficiency and service level of the city bus operation company.
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