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Product Overview (Face Recognition Terminal, Face Recognition System):

Face recognition is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human face feature information. By comparing the information in the ID card with the photos taken on the spot, the system can quickly register whether the identity information of the visitors is identical with the holder's, and the recognition rate is over 99.9%. It can truly realize the integration of the ID card and the complete and true registration of each visitor's information, which is convenient for record, inquiry and fast passage. It can carry out face identification, linkage gate access control, face record query, list management and face search.

Face Recognition Terminal, Face Recognition System

Features (Face Recognition Terminal, Face Recognition System):

System: Android 6.0
Recognition Functions: White List Recognition, Personal ID Recognition, Blacklist Recognition
Comparisons: support 1:1 person-to-person identification, 1:N identification, IC card identification
(1:1 Identifying needs to configure ID card reader)
(IC card recognition requires IC/ID card reader)
Speech Broadcasting: Support Speech Broadcasting Recognition Result, Stranger Warning
Equipment upgrade: support remote upgrade, single equipment upgrade
Secondary development: personnel management, equipment management, identification and record docking
Light Supplement Mode: Support Intelligent Light Supplement
Storage space: support custom storage space, automatic cycle coverage space
Advertising Play Function: Support Advertising Function, Play Picture Format: JPG, PNG, BMP
Number of historical records: up to 150,000 pieces of data (circular writing)

Face Recognition Terminal, Face Recognition System

Technical parameters (Face Recognition Terminal, Face Recognition System):

Basic parameters: Appearance size 114X505mm (diameter * height)
Operating temperature and humidity - 20 C to 60 C, < 90 C RH
Protection Level IP65
Installation scenario
Installation Angle Adjustment Horizontal Rotation
Power Supply DC12V 3A
Screen size 5 inch 170 degree IPS LCD screen
Resolution 800*600
Main Board Parameters CPU High Performance 32 Bit 4 Core ARM Chip
Memory 2GB
Storage 16GB
Control Module: Built-in I/O Access Control Module
Peripheral Interface Power Interface 1x DC12V DC005 Header 2.1*5.5
USB interface 1x USB2.0
Relay Output 1 x Switch Output 2 PIN 3.81 Spacing Terminals
RJ45 Network Interface 1x RJ45 Network Port
Wigan Output Interface (Reserved) 1x WG Output
RS485 Interface (Reserved) 1 x RS485 Signal
IO Input (Reserved) 1x IO Signal
Light Supplementary Lamp LED Light Supplementary Lamp
Camera Sensor Sony Star Level 1/2.8
Resolution 200 W pixels
Aperture F2.4
Focal length 6mm
White Balance Automation
Wide Dynamic DOL-WDR
Dynamic range 120 dB
Algorithmic Performance Recognition Distance 0.3-4 M
Recognition time less than 300 ms
Face database capacity: 1:N, N<=10000
Accuracy 99.90%

Applications (Face Recognition Terminal, Face Recognition System):

Widely used in residential areas,
office buildings, universities,
companies and enterprises,
public security,
subway, border ports and other important areas of natural identification of personnel identity.

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