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Product Overview (Wing Gates YH-Y001):

1. The main board device of the wing gate consists of two parts, the main board and the slave board, which are very convenient to install.

2. The main board of the wing gate has its own test function every 1.5s/switch, and the display screen shows more than 5000 times before leaving the factory.

3. The main board of the wing gate is a visual operation mode.

4. Wing gate motherboard provides Chinese/English menu operation;

5. The main board of the winglet has its own high-definition and fidelity audio decoder chip, which can read, write and erase software to synthesize speech intelligently at any time.

6. Provide the communication protocol of the main board 485 of the wing gate and the terminal program of the remote opening of the gate.

Wing Gates YH-Y001

Features (Wing Gates YH-Y001):

1. All of them are made of 304 stainless steel and are designed according to the international standards of moisture-proof, dust-proof and waterproof.

2. On the basis of standardized design, laser blanking, opening, one-step forming technology, mechanized wire drawing technology, modular docking, easy handling and maintenance, high interchangeability;

3. The thickness of stainless steel box is 1.5mm.

4. The unique cold light source warning device on the wing gate baffle is the first in the industry and optional.

5. The wing plate is made of high-strength transparent material, and logo signs can be set freely. It is equipped with cold light source background lights to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians at night.

6. Three pairs of infrared devices or light curtains are used to realize the functions of anti-tail, direction discrimination, anti-pinch and alarm.

7. Take UPS batteries with you and retrieve the wing plate after power failure.

8. Humanized status identification to distinguish current equipment operation status;

9. Wing gate adopts standard electrical interface, which can easily integrate magnetic bar card, bar code card, ID card, IC card and other card readers into the device.

10. Locking function in place, external force can not change its position;

11. In case of emergency, the system has emergency measures to ensure that the passage is unimpeded and to facilitate the timely evacuation of personnel.

12. Unified standard external electrical interface can be connected with multiple card readers, and remote control and management can be realized by management computer.

13. Brushless DC motor is used in the whole system, which has low power consumption, smooth operation, no jitter and low noise.

14. The opening and closing speed and contraction force of the gate baffle can be adjusted by the main controller according to the site operating environment and the speed of pedestrian flow.

15. In low temperature areas, the equipment can be equipped with heating devices.

16. Automatic homing function: In normal closed mode, after the end of the passage process, the gate automatically returns to the blocking zero position.

17. Automatic reset function: (optional remote manual reset mode)

(1) When the legitimate traffic signal is given, no one will pass within the prescribed time (adjustable), and the system will automatically restore the brake to its original position, cancel the current traffic, and do not count.

(2) The abnormal or illegal passage of the system results in that the gate is not attributed to the blocking zero position, and the system automatically restores the blocking zero position after exceeding the specified time (adjustable).

18. Opening function of power off: When power off, the system will automatically open the gate wing to open state, which is convenient for evacuating the crowd and meets the requirements of fire protection.

19. Anti-illegal intrusion function: When controlled traffic is not given a legitimate traffic signal or prohibited, forcible access will be regarded as illegal intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm and ensure that the brake is closed.

20. Anti-reverse intrusion function: Before the end of a certain direction of the traffic process, pedestrians entering the channel from the opposite direction will be regarded as reverse intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm.

21. Anti-trailing function: Infrared detector detects pedestrian traffic status, and the system automatically alarms and closes the gate after detecting the trailing phenomenon; the minimum identification distance of trailing is less than 20 mm, which is the leading level in the industry.

22. Power-on self-check function: When the equipment is on power or restart, voice broadcasting will automatically detect whether the function is normal or not, and alarm prompts will be given if abnormalities are found.

Wing Gates YH-Y001

Technical parameters (Wing Gates YH-Y001):

Model: YH-Y001

Shape size: 1000 * wide 300 * high 980mm

Power Voltage: AC220V + 10%, 50Hz

Driving motor: DC motor 24V/100W

Working ambient temperature: - 30 ~70

Relative Humidity: Relative Humidity < 95%, No Condensation

Input Interface: 12V Level Signal or 12V Pulse Signal with Pulse Width > 100ms

Driving Current: > 200 mA

Channel width: 500-600 mm

Speed: <40 person/minute

Opening and closing time: 1.5 seconds (adjustable)

Structures: Frame Structures/Standard Stainless Steel Shells

Working environment: indoor and outdoor

Applications (Wing Gates YH-Y001):

Applicable to airports,

subway stations,

stations, wharfs,

scenic spots, parks,

unit pedestrian corridors, etc.

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