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Product Overview (Three Roller Gates YH-S001):

YH-S001 three-roll gate is made of 304 stainless steel. It is designed according to international standards of moisture-proof, dust-proof and water-proof. Surface treatment: wire drawing (default)/polishing (optional)/electroplating (optional)/paint baking (optional). On the basis of standardized design, the box body is made of laser blanking, hole opening, one-time forming technology, mechanized wire drawing process, modular docking, easy to load, unload and maintain, and interchange. High degree.

Three Roller Gates YH-S001

Features (Three Roller Gates YH-S001):

1. Three-roll gate motherboard provides Chinese/English menu operation;

2. The main board of the three-roll gate has its own electromagnet test function.

3. The thickness of stainless steel box is 1.5mm.

4. The brake rod is made of pure stainless steel.

5. The brake pole can be fitted with a sheath to prevent children and pedestrians from colliding and causing physical injury.

6. When the brake machine drops off the pole, the upper pole (lifting pole) is manually operated after the power is switched on.

7. Excellent people do not rebound, stability, while providing information through the personnel to rebound, fully achieve one person, one stroke;

8. Humanized status identification to distinguish current equipment operation status;

9. Using standard electrical interface, the reader such as magnetic bar card, bar code card, ID card and IC card can be easily integrated on the device.

10. Locking function in place, external force can not change its position;

11. In case of emergency, the system has emergency measures to ensure that the passage is unimpeded and to facilitate the timely evacuation of personnel.

12. Unified standard external electrical interface can be connected with multiple card readers, and remote control and management can be realized by management computer.

13. The motherboard has counting function, that is, it always returns to the initial position when no pedestrians pass through.

14. The main board of the three-roll gate is a visual operation mode.

Three Roller Gates YH-S001

Technical parameters (Three Roller Gates YH-S001):

Model: YH-S001

Shape size: 420 * 330 * 980mm

Power Voltage: AC220V + 10%, 50Hz

Driving motor: 24V

Working ambient temperature: - 30 ~70

Relative Humidity: Relative Humidity < 95%, No Condensation

Input Interface: 12V Level Signal or 12V Pulse Signal with Pulse Width > 100ms

Driving Current: > 200 mA

Gate length: 500mm

Channel width: 550-600mm

Speed: <30 person/minute

Sluice Rotation Angle: 120 Degrees

Structures: Frame Structures/Standard Stainless Steel Shells

Swing rod steering: support unidirectional and bidirectional (optional)

Working environment: indoor and outdoor

Applications (Three Roller Gates YH-S001):

It is suitable for all kinds of public places requiring orderly pedestrian access, such as scenic spots, exhibition halls, cinemas, wharfs, railway stations, bus stations, etc. where tickets need to be checked; places requiring authorization to enter such as factory attendance, dining hall consumption, golf course, monthly card leisure center; security units requiring anti-static control zones of electronic factories, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.

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