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Product Overview (Swing Gates YH-B001):

1. The swing-gate motherboard is a visual operation mode (operated according to actual needs);
2. The swing motherboard provides menu operation in Chinese/English.
3. The main board of swing gate has the test function of electromagnet.
4. The swing gate motherboard has its own high-definition and fidelity audio decoder chip, which can read, write and erase software to synthesize speech intelligently at any time.
5. Provide 485 communication protocol for switching main board and remote switching terminal program.

Swing Gates YH-B001

Features (Swing Gates YH-B001):

1. All of them are made of 304 stainless steel and are designed according to the international standards of moisture-proof, dust-proof and waterproof.
2. On the basis of standardized design, laser blanking, opening, one-step forming technology, mechanized wire drawing technology, modular docking, easy handling and maintenance, high interchangeability;
3. The thickness of stainless steel box is 1.5mm.
4. The pendulum rod is made of pure stainless steel/acrylic/tempered glass.
5. The pendulum rod can be fitted with a sheath to prevent children and pedestrians from colliding and causing bodily injury.
6. The pendulum rod can pass freely when power is off, and reset automatically after power is on.
7. Excellent people do not rebound, stability, while providing information through the personnel to rebound, fully achieve one person, one line;
8. Humanized status identification to distinguish current equipment operation status;
9. Using standard electrical interface, the reader such as magnetic bar card, bar code card, ID card, IC card and ID card can be easily integrated into the device.
10. Locking function in place, external force can not change its position.

Technical parameters (Swing Gates YH-B001):

Model: YH-B001
Shape size (customizable): 380 * wide 280 * high 1000mm (vertical swing)
Power Voltage: AC220V + 10%, 50Hz
Driving motor: 24V
Working ambient temperature: - 30 ~70
Relative Humidity: Relative Humidity < 95%, No Condensation
Input Interface: 12V Level Signal or 12V Pulse Signal with Pulse Width > 100ms
Driving Current: > 200 mA
Communication Interface: RS485 Electrical Standard
Communication Distance: <1200 M
Gate length: 600-800mm
Channel width: 600-1600mm
Speed: <30 person/minute
Sluice Rotation Angle: 120 Degrees
Structures: Frame Structures/Standard Stainless Steel Shells
Swing rod steering: support unidirectional and bidirectional (optional)
Working environment: indoor and outdoor

Applications (Swing Gates YH-B001):

Mainly used in enterprises, units, clubs, hotels, factories, libraries, residential areas, schools and other occasions.

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