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Product Overview (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-628):

Non-contact induction card access control system is one of the modern advanced access control systems; large capacity memory chips are selected with powerful functions, with induction card open door, induction card encryption code open door, password open door three ways; convenient access to internal personnel, prevent the random entry and exit of foreign personnel, which not only facilitates internal management, but also strengthens security precautions.

Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-628

Features (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-628):

1. Use authorization card to add or delete cards, which is simple and convenient to operate.

2. Beautiful appearance;

3. Convenient management, simple use and maintenance, low cost.

Technical parameters (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-628):

Working power supply: DC 12VDC + 10% current 1.2A

Open-Lock Relay: DC 12VDC/3A

Ambient temperature: - 10 55.

Relative humidity: 20%-90%

Card reading distance: 5-10 cm

Induction Card Recognition: EM or EM Compatible Card

Identifying storage capacity: 500/1000

Transmitting frequency: 125 KHz

Applications (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-628):

Enterprise Card Management System,

Campus Card Management System,

Government Unit Card Management System,

Access Guard Security Management System,

RFID Warehousing Management System

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