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Product Overview (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-228):

Non-contact induction card access control system is one of the modern advanced access control systems, using the latest CPU and large capacity memory chip, all data will not be lost because of breakpoints; powerful, with induction card open, induction card encryption code open, password open three ways.

Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-228

Features (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-228):

1. Use authorization card to add or delete cards, which is simple and convenient to operate.
2. Beautiful appearance;
3. Convenient management, simple use and maintenance, low cost.

Technical parameters (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-228):

Size: 128mm*80mm*25mm
Working power supply: DC voltage 12V +10% current < 0.1A
Maximum load: alarm output 100A, lock output 5A
Working environment: -20'C-60'C
Storage capacity: 1000 user cards, 1000 sets of passwords
Card reader: built-in, external one (external need to be configured)
Card reading distance: 5-15cm
Read card type: EM or EM compatible card

Applications (Simple Access Control Machine YHMJ-228):

Enterprise Card Management System,
Campus Card Management System,
Government Unit Card Management System,
Access Guard Security Management System,
RFID Warehousing Management System

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