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Product Overview (Simple access control attendance machine (networked) YHMJ-218):

Simple access control attendance machine (networked) YHMJ-218 with access control and attendance functions, with networking functions.

Simple access control attendance machine (networked) YHMJ-218

Features (Simple access control attendance machine (networked) YHMJ-218):

1. Storage capacity of 8000 traffic records, 1000 user cards and passwords;

2. Freely set eight restricted traffic hours per day.

3. There are three ways to open the door: reading card, reading card encryption code, reading card or password.

4. Built-in card reader and external card reader can distinguish the number of people entering and going out in real time.

5. Adopt RS485 bus networking communication mode, simple and practical wiring, up to 16 networking;

6. Main input/output functions: electric lock, door-opening button, alarm, door magnet, door bell;

7. The management software integrates access control, attendance and personnel.

8. The interface of management software is humanized, easy to operate and easy to use.

9. The system diagram can be imported into the electronic map, only the name and location of the door can be set.

10. Real-time display of personnel's name, photo, card number, number and other information;

11. Customize attendance rules and shift setting, etc.

12. Automatically count the number and time of late, early departure and absence.

13. Attendance results can be printed into reports or exported according to EXCEL

Technical parameters (Simple access control attendance machine (networked) YHMJ-218):

Outward Size: 12.8cmX8.2cmX2.3cm

Reading distance: ID card < 10cm

Carding speed: <0.2 seconds

Communication interface: RS485

External power supply: DC12V/500MA can open 1000 user cards

Storage capacity: more than 8000 records

Working Environment: Temperature - 10 ~50

Transport rate: 19200 BPS

Applications (Simple access control attendance machine (networked) YHMJ-218):

Real-time attendance query,

basic attendance management and access control

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