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Product Overview (Network Access Controller YHMJ):

Network access controller YHMJ is a real access controller based on TCP/IP network, which can control one-way access of four gates or two-way access of two gates. Using 32-bit ARM series as the main processing chip, RTOS real-time operating system and FAMS2 storage management system are run internally, and high-performance access control controller is designed according to the technical requirements of industrial level. YHMJ network access control controller not only has commonly used access control functions, such as offline operation, real-time monitoring, photo display, mass storage, flexible permission settings, remote opening, multi-user management, batch and a small number of fast settings, convenient query, report statistical format modification and printing output to Excel files, card + password, long-time open alarm, illegal card brush. Card alarm, head card opening, illegal intrusion alarm, regular opening, electronic map and other functions.

Network Access Controller YHMJ

Features (Network Access Controller YHMJ):

1. Real TCP/IP network access control;

2. Supporting cross-city, cross-Internet and domain name binding;

3. Over-current, over-voltage and lightning protection of the whole port;

4. Dual-clock circuit design, built-in double-open watchdog;

5. Fast response speed, with response time less than 0.3s on the basis of 100,000 cards already stored.

6. Developed design, strong compatibility, can be used with various brand card readers and door locks in the market;

7. Support a variety of open-door modes: regular opening, normal closing, password opening, swipe card opening, card + password, card or password, frequent opening of the first card, start of the first card, multi-card opening, remote opening, switch control, button opening and other control modes;

8. Supporting regional anti-trailing and minimum number of regional maintainers;

9. Supporting the free setting of regional hard anti-submarine and regional soft anti-submarine, supporting interlocking;

10. Supporting the temporary card function, it can set the authority of the card on time and on time.

11. Supporting cardholders to be grouped arbitrarily (departments). The same cardholder can be grouped into multiple groups (departments).

12. The controller time can be automatically calibrated, and the time is accurate to seconds.

13. Support on-line patrol function, patrol event card function, real-time display of the current status of each patrol point;

14. The types of access locks can be flexibly selected: electric lock, magnetic lock, cathode lock, spiritual lock, gate, three-stick lock and electronic lock exit button can monitor the cutting and short circuit.

15. Various alarms can be set to enable or not: door opening overtime, illegal intrusion, coercive entry, violation of anti-submarine return rules, support for exit button being cut, exit button short circuit, chassis being prized, chassis being dismantled, etc.

Technical parameters (Network Access Controller YHMJ):

Processor: ARM

Operating System: RTOS Operating System

Storage: FAMS2

Communication Interface: 10/100M Adaptive Ethernet Port

Networking Distance: Unlimited

Cardholders: 10,000/20,000/50,000/100,000

Open-door mode: support multiple open-door modes

Card swipe response time: <0.3s

Time: Support for automatic timing

Historical Records: 10,000/20,000/50,000/100,000

Disassembly-proof input: 1 way

Anti-prying input: 1 way

Rated voltage: DC12V, stable operating voltage range: 10 ~ 16V

Rated current: <0.2A

Working temperature: - 40 ~ + 85 C

Humidity: 0-90%

Antistatic interference: > 15KV

Power-off protection: No data or hardware damage will be caused by power-off of the controller under any operating conditions.

Support for Extensions: Support for Remote Online Upgrading

Applications (Network Access Controller YHMJ):

Major companies control doors,


rental houses, etc.

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