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Product Overview (consumer machine YHPSC-P31):

Consumer machine YHPSC-P31 is equipped with RS232, TCP / IP (optional), RS485 (optional), CAN bus (optional) communication interface, via a PC management cash register programming information and receive simple reporting capabilities, this campaign cash registers apply to goods industries more small-scale retail stores, supermarkets, fast-food stores, specialty shops, grocery stores, schools, factories, car wash, entertainment and so on.
Features (consumer machine YHPSC-P31):

1, to provide a sound, stable and reliable management functions; systems with advanced key management, has good man-machine interface;
2, to achieve the functional requirements under the premise, as simple as possible, and clear mode of operation, operation and management of toll achieve non-contact proximity cards;
3, powerful data processing capabilities, responsive, data processing speed;
4, the system is easy to internal and external expansion.

Technical data (for consumption YHPSC-P31):


 May prompt as many as 50 kinds of voice prompts, voice can be customized according to customers.


 40 key proof keyboard that can complete the T9 input method, amount, menu selection, arithmetic and other operations.


 4-line LCD sided x16 character display, pre-digital display.


 RS232 or RS485, TCP / IP, CAN bus, etc., customers are optional.

 roduct price list (PLU)

 8000 commodity price list (PLU) to be numbered consumption.

 Storing data

 12,000 to 60,000 records, data retention more than 10 years.

 Ambient temperature and humidity

 Ambient temperature: -30 ° C ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity <90%

 Fault Tolerance

 There misuse refund function

Applications (for consumption YHPSC-P31):

Industries - retail stores, supermarkets, fast-food stores, specialty shops, grocery stores, schools, factories, washing plants, entertainment, etc.
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