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Product Overview (water control YHSK-1):

Water control YHSK-1 non-contact IC / ID card as an electronic wallet, with a high-performance energy-saving controller automatic control of the outlet valve and drain off the water, but also through the power to open and close control, energy-saving controller according to actual consumption or automatic billing charge is deducted from the consumer card, saving water and electricity, scientific management, system operation is simple, powerful, and completely replace cash, tickets and other consumption.

Features (water control YHSK-1):

1, the data collection methods: networkable acquisition, and acquisition card can be used;
2, work: timing chargeback capabilities. Extended functions are as follows: Total flow deductions;
3, means of communication: water control using RS485 communication, 485 to 232 to the PC COM port;
4, communication lines are arranged: a bus connected to a computer at the water control, and then multiple water control are coupled to the bus. 8-core shielded twisted pair cable.

Technical parameters (water control YHSK-1):



Operating Voltage

12V DC





 Storage capacity

 A total of four DS1250Y-100 memory chips can store data in the server 105 728

 Reading distance


Reader Time



Can form a "One Card" system with canteen consumption, access control, attendance, library, computer room charges. 

Applications (water control YHSK-1):

Suitable for bathhouse shower, drinking water, wine retail and laundry charge control management.
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