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Product Overview (electronic stop sign):

Intelligent electronic bus stop sign is a bus intelligent products, to solve the passenger waiting bus for the blind and boredom, not only can visually tell the passengers: waiting bus, how far away from the site, can also provide real-time text or waiting for passengers to watch video programs, such as weather, bus diversions information, public policy.
Features (electronic stop sign):

1, the vehicle terminal equipment positioning, position reporting function and stability: the vehicle terminal equipment as basic data source electronic stop sign, electronic stability bus stop sign work determines the electronic platform data accuracy, device location, location, reporting and other functions and stability, timely;
2, each line of LED strip light vehicle location in real-time display: simple and intuitive;
3, four rows of LED color screen display rich text: bus arrival displays reminders from the current station closest to the location of the bus, you can also display public service ads or timely traffic information circulars;
4, the vehicle position voice broadcast feature: vehicle location other strip lamps, LED, screen display, supplemented by voice broadcast mode, but also shows humane;
5, integrated video surveillance platform features: In addition to the platform environment for loop recording, you can capture real-time images of traffic to the site as a large public places to provide basic security guarantees;
6, LED LCD TV functions: According to local needs, the choice of an appropriate size outdoor bright LCD TVs.

Technical data (electronic stop sign):




 Four rows of LED color screen display


 Rich text, support Chinese, scalable


 It can be customized according to the actual size

 Dust and waterproof rating


 Working current


 Site monitoring transmission mode

 3G or optical (using local video, remote network Live View)

 Working current



 Support RS232, wireless communication

 Extended Voice

 Vehicle location voice broadcast feature

 Extended surveillance video

 It can be integrated with video surveillance platform capabilities, and can capture

LED LCD TV functions

Extended LCD TV on demand

Applications (electronic stop sign):

City bus station
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