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Product Overview (handheld POS machine YH-POS800):

Handheld POS machine YH-POS800, is an alternative preferential consumption contactless IC card, the way consumer optoelectronic card, replaced by the most technologically advanced non-contact IC card consumption, just effective distance in the sensing area when the user consumption in the present card, consumer machines recognition can be completed after consumption, both user consumption, and convenient management of statistical and management consumption to achieve a consumption data collection, statistics and information query process automation can be widely used in cafeterias, restaurants, places of entertainment consumption.
Features (handheld POS machine YH-POS800):

1, simple and fast. LCD display, operators and users can also view the display and intuitive to understand;
2, the storage capacity, user-friendly store a variety of data;
3, when connected to a computer set up by the system software date, time, meal times, the type of discount card etc; Manual consumption, setting and menu consumption, lower PC mass consumption; when not connected to the computer by the NMC to set the date, time, various consumption patterns and the like;
4, with a flexible consumption patterns, such as menu consumption, manual consumption, a fixed amount of consumption and PC downstream consumption;
5, with a daily limit, time limit consumption function (4 periods);
6, allows the system management software issue one million cards (expandable);
7, using non-contact IC card, compared with magnetic cards, contactless IC card, a contact-free, easy to use, higher security and reliability, etc., and have multiple partitions appropriate to achieve a multi-purpose card;
8, can ensure that the data in the long-term loss of power of the state.

Technical parameters (handheld POS machine YH-POS800):



 Power Configuration

 Aluminum battery 3.3V


 USB communication

 Relative humidity

 10% 90%

 Operating distance


 Reading time


 Storage Capacity

 16MB, can store 52,575 respectively consumption data. May issue one million cards

 Working frequency


Applications (Handheld POS machine YH-POS800):

Card handheld charging terminal, taxi communications, terminal fees, bus, coach crew AFC handheld terminals, subway ticket machines AFC auxiliary ticket, ticket handsets, handheld charging terminal newsstands, supermarkets, chain stores online and offline handheld Pay terminals, logistics data acquisition, image processing, hand-held terminals and other highways auxiliary ticket
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