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Product Overview (bus card machine bus YHBSO-H00 [ladder]):

Bus card machines YHBSO-HOO (trapezoidal bus) uses a cutting-edge RFID technology, combined with modern management methods designed. Have free access to, no loss, advanced technology, system expansion and good, are public institutions to improve management, electrical control information the best choice.
Features (bus card machine YHBSO-H00):

1, the device has the ability to work offline offline, the overall design to meet traffic requirements;
2, the device complies with single-vote system, multi-fare business model requires no driver keyboard (aside two buttons);
3, large capacity storage devices to meet the requirements of transactions, and to guarantee the security of data;
4, the system supports the use of real-name system card, a card and a secret, the user card electronic wallet format, safe and reliable;
5, showing a clear, bright, information simple, clear and to the different states of different cards, different sections can display different information, depending on the customer can choose digital display or LCD display;
6, have a significant voice prompts, different sounds different type of card tips;
7, blacklist management and storage, and at least 300,000 blacklist number;
8, can be hand-held and vehicle-mounted terminal communication acquisition as acquisition mode or directly through the computer RS232 collection;
9, the device supports SIMPass mobile phone card;
10. The device supports bus Group`s internal management staff attendance applications.

Technical parameters (bus card machine YHBSO-H00):






 Chinese English 128x64 LCD

 Reading distance


 Speed punch


 Communication Interface


 External power supply


 Storage capacity

 55,324 credit card records, more than 10 years data retention

 Relative humidity

 20% RH ~ 85% RH (non-condensing)

 Ambient temperature

 Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

 Anti-static interference


 Transfer rate


 Blacklist management


 Reader module

 It can read and write 13.56MHz meets 14443TYPEA / B non-contact CPU card, Mifare card series

Applications (bus card machine YHBSO-H00):

City bus, subway, bus companies, tourist bus, school buses and other charges and billing / metering project
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