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Cooperative Plan

We are engaged in the industry is one of the strategic emerging industry, its development is flourishing, yong hao electronic precipitate with deep technical accumulation and accurate understanding of the industry, market and partners hand in hand to expand the market, you can be the following roles:

System integrators, industry to the customer‘s business, organization structure, the present situation, development, and better understand and grasp, to project sales, pre-sales, engineering, after-sales service process of the unification of the process and quality management of the enterprise.

Form a complete set of service enterprises: within the area for a certain influence of products supporting services. 

individual or individuals engaged in the electronic industry is interested in electronic intelligence industry individual practitioner or individuals.

We can become partners

Yong hao electronic provide support for the implementation of partners:

1, sharing enterprise users, you can be a yong hao electronic system specified in the local service providers, get a lot of the implementation of the outsourcing business opportunities;

2, Shared marketing platform, develop the market together with you and make business more efficient;

3, fully functional network resources platform, you can quickly and get all kinds of data, and to enjoy online technical and business support services;

4, for the excellent partners can also provide free advisory training, improve your business strength and market competitiveness.

Application Process

1.Intended application to the company

2.The channel management department material review grading
3.Signed a cooperation agreement
4.Training, qualification certificates issued to partners
5.Business support and services

Channel System

Products business strategy:
1, nine years, Wing-ho brand products have been known for simple and practical, Yong Hao Electronics in independent research and development, software development in the field of intellectual property rights has been the industry leader. Yong Hao Electronics will continue to continue to invest, integrate various resources, to provide a stable market by leading technology, reliable and cost-effective products. Areas of access control security systems, storage systems, identification systems, such as the continued development of new products, to ensure follow-up forces to enable enterprises and agents to maintain permanent cooperation;
2, to ensure the existing market share basis, the company will continue to develop in the area of access control security systems, storage systems, identification systems and other new products to ensure the follow-up force, so that companies and agents to maintain permanent cooperation;
3, through innovative enterprise system, effective marketing mechanism for rapid response market, and gradually to the upstream development, shaping the core competitiveness of enterprises, and actively participate in international competition.
Agents division:
Yong-ho brand products will be mutual recognition of merchants proxy authorization, authorized agents to provide a variety of after sales support; authorized dealer and brand managers should be in strict accordance with the contract signed by both agents effectively carry out the job market jointly safeguard and perform a variety of powers and obligations of the parties enjoyed smooth development of bilateral cooperation and ensure market business.
YongHao agents into the regional agency and the city agency, for the strength of the agents, can open the regional agency authority, other agency audited recognized as the city agency, as the city is still not enough qualified agent, into direct sales outlets, the company develop marketing tasks according to the actual situation, a city located only one agent. Forming a channel region of the country is currently divided as follows:

Agents conditions:
 First, the regional agency conditions
1, in the capital city or the economically developed cities can radiate surrounding areas;
2, which has an independent legal entity;
3, with the ability to independently implement an integrated card system;
4, a mature sales team;
5, a professional after-sales and technical personnel;
6, a specific sales channels;
7, with the ability to develop marketing plans and implementation plans;
8, quarterly sales of the company not less than the minimum requirements;
9, able to cope with my company to carry out marketing activities.
 Second, the city agency conditions
1, which has an independent legal entity or individual with a specific sales channels;
2, with relevant experience in product sales or specific sales channels;
3, with experience in establishing and managing sales channels and ability to provide after-sales service;
4, with the ability to develop marketing plans and implementation plans;
5, with my company to carry out marketing activities;
6, quarterly sales of not less than our minimum requirements.
Third, direct sales outlets
In the absence of agents of the city, the city agency does not have the condition, but the recognition of our company`s products, there are sporadic sales per month, you can apply for the direct sales outlets.

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