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Shenzhen Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of high-tech products in the field of IC/ID smart cards and biological recognition applications. The company provides overall solutions of smart cards for shopping, timecard recording, bus ticketing, access control, and water control capabilities.

The company offers a full array of mature products covering software and hardware for contact card systems applicable in bus ticketing, timecard recording, shopping, access control, charging, water control, fingerprint reading and property management. They are widely used in businesses, organizations, factories, campuses, communities and public transportation networks.

Hundreds of customers have put in place smart management facilities in their restaurants, entertainment centers, dining halls, and billing counters to handle payment, attendance timecard, access control and water control processes. Through our consistent attention to the interests of the customers and efforts in branding, Yonghao products and services have earned popular recognition.

The public transportation management system with non-contact IC card is among Yonghao’s offerings of integrated smart cards. Developed around computer-based management, the system brings smart management to the billing system with the application of non-contact IC card for the storage of information.

The confidence of customers in our IC cards and the demand in the market led us to the release of IC card management system for public transportation in 2005. By comparison with the counterparts, our software features in its flexibility, powerful and practical functions.

Being an industry-leading charging management system, Yonghao public transportation charging system with non-contact IC card represents the marriage between RFID and contemporary management. Featuring non-contact and non-wear operation, advanced technology support, good expansion, no need for service or further investment, it has been widely used for the purpose of improving the computer-controlled management in public transportation operators, organizations, schools and residential communities.

With only an authorized IC card in hand, the customer will free himself from the trouble of making payments. At the backstage, the strong software environment and complete hardware take into their hands all the tasks from the issuing, authorization and charging of the card to other services like searching, counting, settling and report printing.

For the purpose of real-time control, save on resources, scientific management, better efficiency, better quality, fast fund return, stronger employee relations and less burden on government, businesses are using IC card system in their operation.       
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