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System overview (GPS dispatching management solution)

How to achieve quality service to satisfy passengers is an eternal theme in the passenger service industry. Good service requires good management, and the management refers to all aspects involving drivers, vehicles, passengers, illegal behavior, causing trouble etc. How to improve supervision and management and how to promote safety and service becomes a difficult problem to passenger transport department. In addition to personnel, relying on advanced facilities, the development of modern technology and communication technique, the maturity of GPS/GIS technique and the wide application of GSM wireless communication technique, it provides a powerful and effective system tool for modern passenger transportation management, which plays an important role in curbing the current situation of fatigue driving, vehicle over speed, illegal carrying passengers and other violations, as well as restricting the driver's bad behavior, analyzing and appraising road traffic accidents, improving traffic management and transportation management execution, and ensuring vehicle safety. In order to strengthen the operation management of coach and bus, prevent traffic accidents, ensure the safety of passengers, vehicles and drivers, and provide scientific reference for traffic accident analysis to protect the legitimate interests of drivers, Shenzhen Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. Launched a monitoring and dispatching management system of public transportation, long-distance passenger transport, enterprise shuttle. The GPS dispatching management vehicle-mounted terminal not only can realize vehicle positioning and obtain the positioning information of the vehicle, but also can obtain a large amount of operation information such as vehicle management, driver management, passenger statistics, etc., and the information can be transmitted back to the monitoring platform in real time. The control center analyzes and processes these data to provide scientific management basis and decision-making model for long-distance passenger transportation management.

The transportation vehicle monitoring and dispatching system is a comprehensive software and hardware system integrating global satellite positioning system (GPS), geographic information system (GIS) and wireless communication technology. The system mainly consists of three parts involving vehicle-mounted terminal, wireless data link and monitoring center software system. It can carry out unified centralized management and real-time monitoring and dispatching of moving vehicles.

The GPS vehicle terminal installed on the vehicle can determine the positioning information of the vehicles in real time, involving latitude and longitude, speed and direction etc. The positioning information of the vehicles can be sent to the command monitoring center through vehicle-mounted wireless data communication system, and displayed on the electronic map. As well, vehicle-mounted wireless data communication system can transmit the commands from the command center to moving vehicles to realize the real-time monitoring and dispatching of the vehicles.

The requirement character of GPS monitoring and dispatching system
1. Safeguarding of people and vehicles to keep safety assurance
2. Take control of positioning information of vehicles in real-time
3. System response is flexible and timely for the requirements
4. Unified arrangement and dispatching of vehicles
5. GIS is required to have good scheduling assistance analysis.

Advantage analysis (GPS dispatching management solution)

1.) Effective management tools that enable regulations to be effectively implemented.
2.) Improve driving safety, and better protect the safety of passengers and tourists.
3.) Complete accident handling mechanism to minimize the losses caused by accidents.
4.) Effectively schedule vehicles to reduce the operating costs.
5.) Detailed driving record, which are available afterwards, can change the bad habits of the drivers and reduce vehicle operation and maintenance costs.
6.) It achieves the performance assessment of drivers through various management reports, establishes an efficient competition mechanism, and improves the economic benefit of the company.

Function Introduction (GPS dispatching management solution)

1. Real-time tracking and dispatching vehicles
The GPS dispatching management system establishes a fast, accurate, and effective information transmission channel between the vehicles and the system. The enterprise can keep track of the status of the vehicle and quickly issue dispatching command. Service information can also be provided for vehicles, and a variety of monitoring methods are available.

2. Area/yaw alarm
In order to strengthen the dispatching management, the vehicle exercise is generally a fixed route during the operation. The driving route is preset for the task vehicles in the system, when the transport task of the vehicle begins, the vehicle driving route and state is monitored and recorded. If a vehicle does not drive as the preset driving route, the system will automatically alarm. The monitoring personnel can handle it according to the actual situation.

3. Regional vehicle query statistics
In order to facilitate the dispatcher to understand the vehicle distribution in a macroscopic way, and effectively schedule the vehicle, the vehicle can be statistically divided into regions. The scope of the statistics can be flexibly set by the dispatcher.

4. Message notification statistics
Vehicle arrivals/departures notification, vehicles stop time notification at the station, open/close door notification, statistics on the number of guests up and down, etc.

5. Itinerary management
The route is closely related to the entire itinerary. It can be set up via system on the basis of vehicles, reasonable running route, guests up and down station to unify fixed model. The entire route can be arranged, inquired, and dispatched real-time so that the vehicle status information can be tracked at any time. You can perform on-line, group, and sub-area implementations of queries, schedules, and instructions for online vehicles.

6. Accident alarming
When a sudden incident occurs during transportation, the driver can press the hidden emergency call button to turn to the monitoring center for help. When the center receives the alarm, it will immediately turn on the sound device, monitoring the situation inside the vehicle, and providing assistance according to the location of the vehicle and other relevant information.

7. Over speed alarm
In order to strengthen the management of the vehicle running speed, improve the safety of running vehicles, the monitoring center can set the maximum running speed of the vehicles. If the vehicle speed exceeds the set value, an alarm message will be sent to the center.

8. Driving track record and query
The information during the driving of the vehicle will be recorded and saved for future reference. The user can select the past time period, query the historical data of the specified vehicle in the time period and perform the historical echo and analysis.

System topological graph (GPS dispatching management solution)

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