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System overview (PBOC2.0 financial IC card swiping card solution on taxi)

The application extension of PBOC2.0 standard financial IC card swiping card on taxi mainly reflects the mode that passengers use the PBOC2.0-compliant financial IC card issued by the People's Bank of China to pay for the taxi when they take the taxi. It covers all the taxis in the city and enables passengers to swipe their bank cards for consumption. The goal of PBOC2.0 financial IC card taxi card system is to realize the electronic of financial payment and industrial information management, and build a modern urban smart card system.

In accordance with the requirement of PBOC2.0 financial IC card taxi swiping card system, we would provide you with detailed overall design implementation plan, support service commitment and related qualification materials. Besides, according to the rich experience accumulated by our company in the bus card IC card application project, we propose to you the proposal of the “PBOC2.0 standard financial IC card taxi swiping card application extension technical proposal” for your reference.

In this overall design plan, we will aim to realize the electronicization of the city's transportation industry according to the requirements for the construction of the taxi bank smart card system, combined with the information flow involved in the system such as of funds, information, cards, etc., suggestively introduce how to establish IC card transaction payment system, bank background IC card business management system and fund clearing and settlement system, IC card secret key management system, IC card-issuing system, data exchange center and industry application information management system to meet the requirements for capital flow, card flow, and information flow in the taxi bank smart card system project.

Advantage analysis (PBOC2.0 financial IC card swiping card solution on taxi)

1. Improving the payment method of transportation in the city
All the taxis in the city support for the travel mode of swiping card to solve the problem of unreasonable charge and non-taximeter, and to ensure the benefit and convenience of the passengers.

2. Platform convenient for public data and information inquiry
Various data real-time inquiry platforms can be established, timely providing all kinds of corresponding data, convenient for banks, operation companies, taxi drivers, Level 2 enterprise to inquire corresponding funds and consumption information, and accept surveillance and reporting by the publics to enhance supervision and management. Meeting the needs of transportation management and service to competent departments and the public at all levels, provides the inquiry, analysis, statistics, and release of related kinds of inspect and statement data.

3. Improving management efficiency and operational reliability
The generation and management of statements at all levels are completed through real-time transmission of swiping card data. The data can be analyzed on-line to strengthen the scientificity and consistency of the decisions. Thereby, the informationization process of the city’s smart card work is further promoted. It utilizes automation technology to maximize management efficiency and save human resources and management costs. It can meet the needs of all levels of departments for the management of smart cards business to strengthen internal management, standardize service processes, improve work efficiency, improve staff quality, and improve management capabilities.

4. Compatibility of the system
The taxi bank E-card system supports M1, SIMPASS card, CPU card at the same time, and the PBOC2.0 card standard financial card issued by all major banks, carries card control to ensure the interests of investors. The entire device also develops various interfaces to ensure subsequent upgrades of various functions and docking with other hardware devices. The software side can be extended to connect with all major operators, banks and other payment institution to achieve the docking and expansion of various salesmen.

5. System card control management
By setting the card authority, the corresponding card authority is directly issued to the device, so that the device only recognizes the financial IC card issued by the People's Bank of China in accordance with the PBOC2.0 standard, does not recognize the M1 card or other bank card, and protects the investor's rights and interests. If asking for the authority of corresponding cards, you need to obtain the bank's authorization letter and then open the corresponding bank's swiping card consumption authority to achieve investor rights protection.

6. System construction requirements and requirements confirmation
The purpose of the system construction is to combine all the taxis in the whole city and manage them in a unified way to achieve the purpose that one bank card can be used in all vehicles. You only need to use the bank card to deposit the amount, no need to open another swiping card account to achieve consumption deduction.

7. Unified platform management
The system will build a unified platform to process data management and maintenance, also makes centralized management of all account information and top up information, which guarantees the new system database covering swiping card and top up information of all taxis to ensure data integrity.

8. Multiple institution liquidation
The entire software upper layer integrates and separates each module, and adopts multi-level clearing structure to write and calculate, to ensure that private enterprises, transportation companies and taxi companies can query their own corresponding consumption amount and related data according to the corresponding authority. At the same time, it is convenient for users and related institutions to inquire about relevant information.

9. Data wireless transmission
The hardware consumption data adopts the wireless transmission mode, and the operator is undetermined. All the relevant card files such as consumption data, attributes, and discount rates can be delivered wirelessly.

10. Card types
Hardware device supports M1 card, SIMPASS card, CPU card, PBOC2.0 card financial card and other card types.

Function introduction (PBOC2.0 financial IC card swiping card solution on taxi)

一、Software function

Taxi financial IC card swiping card system software is mainly composed of four parts, the communication terminal program, management software, database, and settlement center. The software adopts two kinds of framework, C/S and B/S. The details are as follows:

1. Database server is primarily responsible for storage of all relevant data.

2. All communication with the device is done by the communication terminal program.

3. The management software mainly implements the issuance of device attributes, customer complaint processing and related report viewing, etc., which can be roughly divided into several modules such as assessment management center, equipment management center, report management center, and system setup.

4. Settlement center uses the clearing structure of the multi-level platform to ensure the reasonable processing of all data and the statistics of the statement.

5. The software reserves the relevant interfaces which provide to be docking with other billing project.

6. Supporting for multiple banks card swiping, the taxi bank smart card system needs to distinguish the bank card swiping consumption records from other banks card swiping records according to the card issuing bank identification of swiping card consumption records, and separately upload to corresponding units for clearing, settlement and reconciliation.

二、Hardware function

1. High speed data wireless transmission
It enables the devices realize the function of always-on and high-speed data transmission through the CDMA or GPRS wireless network provided by the telecom operator. The real-time uploading of the card data, related parameters, fares and attributes can be directly wirelessly sent from the software side to the devices.

2. Two-way transmission
It realizes two-way transmissions, the card swiping data on the taxi is transmitted to the management center in real-time, and the management center can send relevant operations such as automatic timing and attributes to the vehicle at any time.

3. Real-time monitoring
Each time a user swipes a card on the taxi, the data is automatically transmitted back to the database server in real time. You can check data status in real time combined with software. Manager/operator can open software of real-time monitoring interface to see each data uploaded in real time, and also check the total number of the on-line devices.

4. Historical data storage
The device uses large-capacity storage, and is also equipped with a backup chip. At the same time, the data in the storage chip can be reserved for supplementary acquisition to ensure data integrity, as the complementary acquisition can collect all data back.

5. Automatic connection when off-line
If the device is in the absence of a network signal, the link between the device and the background will be disconnected. When the signal network is searched again, the device will automatically reconnect and docking with the background.

6. Power saving
If the device is in an unmanned condition, power saving function will be turn on automatically.

7. Card swiping display time/ balance reminder/ storage method
After the passenger has finished swiping the card, the reminder of information that the time and balance displayed is less than a certain value can be sent down directly by software. In addition, the storage method of the device is self-selection.

8. Alarm mode
When the device has a related malfunction, there will be an automatic voice prompt to system malfunction when the device is starting up.

9. Voice prompt
When the user uses the corresponding card to take the taxi, it will be accompanied by a voice prompt. For example, the common card will prompt the voice of “the common card”, the student card will prompt a voice of “the student card”. The device currently supports over 60 voices.

10. Financial IC card swiping
It supports the financial IC card accord with PBOC2.0 standard issued by all major banks to take the taxi.

11. Interval time of card swiping
The interval time between single card and double card can be set on the basis of practical situation. The user can set it by your own. The hardware docking content:
As the taxi make accounting management with taximeter, the taximeter is required to be docked on the original basis. We provide the device with 485 or 232 interfaces, docking with the taximeter manufacturer of the technique to realize metering billing by taxi and automatically transmit to vehicle-mounted POS terminal so that the passengers directly make payment by swiping card.

System topological graph (PBOC2.0 financial IC card swiping card solution on taxi)

System topological graph (PBOC2.0 financial IC card swiping card solution on taxi)

System configuration(PBOC2.0 financial IC card swiping card solution on taxi)

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