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Yonghao Electronic Enterprise Shuttle Bus Management System Charge Mode Detailed Explanation
Publish time: Feb.18, 2019 Source: Yonghao Electronic official website

Shenzhen Yonghao Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, which is a smart card application solution service provider focusing on smart card application, taking smart card reading and writing equipment as the core, and integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service.

The company product line includes 9 platforms system, travel card, intelligent transportation, financial payment, mobile payment, enterprise management, digital campus, driving training management, Video surveillance, RFID integrated management. Dozens of application function subsystems such as identification, electronic payment, mobile payment, energy meter control, and smart card series products with hundreds of different models and specifications, such as smart card POS and vehicle POS.

In recent years, many enterprises have begun to invest a lot of energy and funds for employee welfare while expending production scale. One of them is to deploy a shuttle bus for employees. With the increase of employees and shuttle buses, unreasonable route planning and site selection, the problems of staff chaos on the bus, missed the bus, and other issues are increasingly prominent.

The emergence of Yonghao shuttle bus management system solves the problem of disordered enterprise shuttle bus management. From the perspective of the enterprise, it solves the different needs of enterprise employees and improves the management efficiency of enterprise.

Yonghao shuttle bus management system support for different payment methods, such as swiping card, scanning code payment, NFC, Union Pay card etc.

It also supports for different charge modes, including integrated ticketing, and sectional type. How to realize these two modes?

Charge mode 1: Integrated ticketing

Integrating ticketing is relatively simple. After the passengers pay by QR code sweeping or card swiping, the ticketing fare is the same no matter where they get on the bus.

Charge mode 2: Sectional ticketing

According to the length of bus journey, it will be probably to take sectional charge mode. For the sectional multiple ticketing charge mode, Yonghao public transportation swiping card system may take this 3 kinds of charging methods as follows:

1.) Public transportation swiping card terminal + Driver keyboard
The driver asks passengers about their destination, and then switches the fare by keyboard to deduct the amount of corresponding journey. (This mode requires a driver’s keyboard.)
Advantages: convenient, relatively low investment.
Disadvantages: Increased driver’s workload.

2.) Handheld POS terminal mode
The conductor asks the passengers about their destination to deduct different amount of corresponding journey. (This mode requires a conductor)
Advantage: convenient, rapid, better service.
Disadvantage: need to increase the conductor

3.) Getting on and off swiping card mode (sub-machine and master machine):
Getting on in front door to deduct full fare by the master machine
Getting off in back door to supplement fare of corresponding journey by the sub-machine
(This mode requires bus swiping card sub-machine, GPRS/CDMA wireless module, driver site switcher (optional)
Advantage: convenient, rapid, intelligent, efficient.
Disadvantage: slightly higher cost at early stage.

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