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Yonghao Electronic "Happy KTV Spring Festival Gathering in 2019" came to a successful conclusion.
Publish time: Feb.18, 2019 Source: Yonghao Electronic official website

With the hard work of brothers and sisters, the company's business is developing rapidly. After a year's hard work, the general office decided to invite all colleagues of the company to participate in the "Happy KTV Spring Festival reunion in 2019".

In order to activate the atmosphere, the reunion prepared a wealth of small prizes for everyone. At the same time, Mr. Chen Yongyin, General Manager of Yonghao Electronics, gave a brief and in-depth speech. Chen said that he hoped that in the new year, all departments of the company would strengthen communication and communication, enhance the team spirit of internal staff, strengthen the building of corporate brand culture, and increase cohesion.




We concluded this annual meeting with joy and laughter. Through this activity, we deepened the communication between departments. We are also honored to be in such a tacit team. We always believe that in our Yonghao electronic family, no matter what difficulties we will face next, we can work hand in hand to overcome them, because we firmly believe that: Knot is power!

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