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Yonghao Electronic Enterprise Shuttle Bus Management System Charge Mode Detailed Explanation
Publish time: Feb.18, 2019 Source: Yonghao Electronic official website

Recently, the most important thing for public is the Chongqing bus crash. After the collision between the bus and the car on the second bridge of the Yangtze River in Wanzhou, the bus crashed into the river and was investigated by the public security organs to initially verify 15 people who lost contact. (the bus driver included)

After an official investigation, the reason was that a female passenger who was middle-aged, with light blue jeans had quarreled with the driver because she missed the place where she got off the bus, and then she beat the driver. The driver hit back and the steering wheel was not controlled, thus causing this tragedy.

At the same time, Yonghao Electronic is a company specializing in bus security solutions, bus card, shuttle management system solutions. We think that in addition to the installation of hardware facilities, whether the network service can be used to make the management and hidden dangers of the shuttle service be solved in advance, so that the experience of the shuttle service is more humane..

As an important part of public travel, the importance of the shuttle bus is self-evident. However, as a traditional industry, there are still many unsolved problems.

Passenger experience

When it comes to bus travel, passenger feedback is always complaining: crowded and noisy, traffic jams, inaccurate arrivals, insufficient lines, etc.

Company operation

The traditional offline operation management has accumulated many unsolved problems for many years. The travel routes are complicated, the operation and management costs are high, and the task dispatch relies on labor.

Low use ratio

The traditional enterprise shuttle management makes the utilization rate of the shuttle bus low. Because there is no reasonable planning route and the personnel use the car to arrange the shift, it often encounters the situation that “There is no car when you need a car.” And “There is little passengers when there are so many cars “.

Shuttle bus travel is an indispensable part of public travel, and it is especially important to have an effective shuttle management solution. It also brings more development opportunities while developing the shuttle bus.

In-depth environmental protection concept, practice green travel

More public are concerned about the low-carbon and environmental ecological concept, adopting the travel mode that has the lowest impact on the environment. It becomes a mode of life saving energy, improving energy efficiency, reducing pollutions, and benefiting health and efficiency. Therefore, to provide customers with a better ride experience, the role of the shuttle management system can’t be ignored.

broad prospect

The shuttle bus management system, which is used in multi-scenarios applications such as corporate bus commuter transfer, park connection, business reception, event travel etc., can greatly improve the utilizations of the shuttle bus.

Facing the promising shuttle bus market, Yonghao Electronics provides shuttle bus management services for corporate shuttle buses, commuter buses, business vehicles, school bus management, etc., to help enterprises manage offline resources more conveniently and efficiently, and provide passengers with more user-friendly travel modes reducing the pressure on drivers to work together.

Efficient and convenient

1.Resource administration

Yonghao Shuttle Management System can manage vehicles, drivers, lines, sites and other resources online, monitor resource usage in real time, and manage and edit resources more efficiently.

2.Travel planning

Through platform-based tools, statistics and management of passengers' travel needs, online customized travel route plans, import current travel route plans and quickly adjust and modify.

3.System dispatch task

Communicate tasks to drivers through the digital platform, efficiently complete task assignments, and automate the assignment of travel tasks.

4.Operational data one-click statistics

Implement supervision and record data of travel operations, display data in a visual way, and help business units analyze and report on operational status.

Increase passenger experience

1.Real-time information viewing

Through the mobile phone, passengers can quickly view the real-time information of the shuttle bus, and no longer worry too much when waiting for a shuttle bus.

2.Identity authentication

By means of mobile phone QR code scanning, card swiping, fingerprint verification, face recognition etc., to take the shuttle bus, effectively authenticate the passengers and record.

3.Feedback and evaluation

Passengers can upload their own ride demand and feedback through the mobile phone application. Operators can more intuitively understand passenger demand and help operators improve passenger ride satisfaction.

Easily operate by driver

1.Task notification

The shuttle management system enables the driver to directly view the task information through the mobile phone application. All tasks are transferred to the driver by means of notification, no longer missing any information, and others are dependent on the work.

2.Event report

During the execution of the task, if any problem can be uploaded through the mobile phone, the responsibility is clear, and at the same time help to achieve efficient and rapid remote assistance, the shuttle management system greatly enhances the shuttle operation service capability.

Shuttle bus service, multi-scenario application

1.Hub transfer service

In the transportation hubs such as airports and railway stations, the shuttle management system allows visitors to book vehicle seats directly via mobile phones, which is convenient and quick.

2.Commuter shuttle service

Commuter vehicles in large enterprise parks and colleges and universities meet the needs of corporate travel internet and intelligent management.

3.Business travel service

It is convenient for tourists to go to various attractions in the city, the location is concentrated, the route is simple, and the hotel has a strong willingness to provide value-added services for tourists.

4.School bus management services

Through the networked school bus management, the vehicle safety is monitored in the whole-process, the management is optimized, and the vehicle resources are rationally configured.

Safety management

Yonghao shuttle bus management system incorporates the shuttle safety management solution

1.Forward active safety warning ADAS system

Also known as anti-collision system (low-speed warning system), it forms real-time perception and monitoring of abnormal conditions in the driving process through driving behavior checkout equipment. Yonghao big data platform timely summary and analysis of real-time data generated by various devices and excavation, early warning of 2.5 seconds, collision accidents reduced by 85%.

2.Driving behavior collection analysis system

Driving behavior collection analysis system can monitor the driver’s fatigue state, driving behavior, etc. all day while the driver is driving. After discovering the driver's fatigue, yawning, blinking and other incorrect driving conditions, the early warning system will analyze such behaviors in a timely manner and give voice and light prompts, which can reach the way to alert driver and correct wrong driving behavior.

3.HD 360°/3D panoramic assisted navigating system

With the blind spots in the visual field causing more and more traffic accidents, and difficulties in taking evidence for accidents, Yonghao Company has incorporated 360 panoramic assisted navigate system into the shuttle management system. The driver's perspective is 360 degrees without blind spots, and the surrounding is clear at a glance. It realizes automatic switching of reverse.

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