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System overview(Enterprise Card System)

Enterprise Card System is an intelligent management system designed and developed for the characteristics of industrial enterprises. It is a package of solutions provided by our company for industrial enterprises from hardware terminal development and design to software development and system integration. The hardware of the system meets the requirements of the industrial field environment, and the software is customized for the actual needs of integrated industrial enterprises for many years. The design includes system configuration, personnel management, attendance subsystem, access control subsystem, consumption subsystem, water control subsystem, staff bus management subsystem and salary subsystem.

Attendance, salary, access control and consumption system is an important part of the "one-card system for enterprises". It strengthens the access and exit management of internal and external personnel, and strengthens the effective monitoring and management of internal and external personnel, financial and material in enterprises, so as to provide advanced, scientific and reliable management means for the comprehensive management of enterprises, and at the same time to create a safe and comfortable way for enterprises. Public environment and good external corporate image.

Enterprise card system is suitable for large and medium-sized education and training groups and units.

Advantage analysis(Enterprise Card System)

Enterprise card not only meets the needs of modern management of enterprises, but also meets the needs of daily life of employees. Its electronic management function blocks will enable enterprises to achieve electronic management, improve work efficiency and strengthen enterprise management. Its electronic certification function will enable employees to enjoy the convenience of "one card in hand, around the road". It is the trend of modern enterprises in the future.

"Enterprise Card" is the application of smart card in enterprises. It covers all aspects of employees'life, including staff information management, dining hall, entertainment consumption, book borrowing, office access, vehicle access and attendance management. It is not only the carrier of staff information management, but also an important facility of enterprise logistics services. Because it is closely related to the daily management and life of enterprises, compared with other management information systems, the success of "enterprise one-card" construction can directly reflect the superior management quality of enterprises, and can make employees and foreign visitors feel intimate care.

Function introduction(Enterprise Card System)

(1) The project design of enterprise one-card system engineering emphasizes the whole powerful function, complete central equipment, scientific and rational system configuration, and the integration of the whole and part of the enterprise's intelligent system, which truly embodies high technology, high standards and high level.

(2) The whole enterprise card system is a real-time system, which can effectively avoid consumption errors and facilitate settlement.

(3) The function of salary management is powerful, which can solve the complicated time and piece-to-piece salary accounting.

(4) Effective management defines various reports to meet enterprise requirements.

System topological graph(Enterprise Card System)

configuration(Enterprise Card System)

Standardized terminal equipment:

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