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The system overviewski resort charging system

      With development of the ski resort, the consumption pattern of ski resort is also concerned. The development of various smart cards begins to drive the transformation of ski resort consumption patterns. Many ski resorts have begun to use smart card instead of cash, which makes the cards become an important medium of ski resort consumption. With the progress of technology, customers’ requirements are constantly improved. Contactless induction card is the product of upgrading under this situation. It is replacing various cards and becoming the main product of membership card.

      Yonghao ski resort charging system aims to build a model of induction IC card instead of cash, to realize the management of all facilities in the ski resort such as consumption income management, single sales ranking management, detailed statistics management etc., and to realize the management of ski committee of ski resort such as income management, employee management, query management, member management, customer information management, promotion and discount management, detail management etc. We would like to make modern information management of ski resort, to build an advanced information management platform, to achieve the concept and technology leading, which helps the consumer realize playing in the whole ski resort with one card universal.

Yonghao Electronics ski resort charging terminal

Advantage analysisski resort charging system

For consumers:

1、It is convenient to pay without cash, as consumers just need to make consumption with smart cards for recharging it. This speeds up the purchases.

2、It is safe. You can report loss and transfer the money when the IC cards get lost.

3、It reduced the waiting time for visitors since the processing speed of tourists in each link has been improved.

For Managers:

1、Making the most of your money. It adopts deposit first and make consumption then. There is always a lot of money in the finance department without interest.

2、Not easy to forge. It is not as easy as banknotes to forge, resulting in financial loss.

3、Convenient to make statistics of performance in each charging item. The system supplies easy and quick function of settling account.

4、The administrators of ski resorts could instantly know about the numbers of humans, tourists institution(team tourists of bulk visitors), the consumption circumstances, the use of skiing equipment. This makes it convenient to allocate the resources of each department, make targeted adjustment and improve the market share.

5、The financial system is fully computerized to reduce the labor intensity of financial and cashier staff.

6、Timely and accurate financial statements eliminated financial loopholes and improved financial accuracy and efficiency.

7、The timely generation of analysis report is helpful for the management to make relevant sales, material and manpower arrangements according to the report analysis.

8、Try best to prevent the loss of snow equipment, or abnormal use, increasing the income that ski resorts should have.

Function introductionski resort charging system

1、Realize "one card in hand, travel all over the scenic spot", and build an advanced information-based one-card management platform in the field of ski resort; 2、Card issuing and recharging management: quickly issue consumption cards of ski resort for customers and make recharge management;
3、Recharge and refund: quickly making operations of card recharging or refund for customers;
4、Quickly making card cancellation and refund operations for consumers after consumption;
5、Electronic currency consumption management: The card instead of cash realizes the consumer to use the card consumption management at each booth of facilities in the ski resort
6、When a consumer purchases a card, it shows swiping card successfully.;
7、Owner management: It manages the owners’ operation status and settlement at each booth of facility in the ski resort.;
8、Implementing preferential management measures: It can realize the discount management of membership card according to the requirements of the ski resort
9、Member management of the ski resort: you can implement multiple levels of membership as required;
10、It achieves sales ranking management of all kinds of facilities.
11、Report management: Implement various report management;
12、Query management: It helps enterprise leaders realize the real-time query management of business status. ;
13、Implement operator authority management: the general manager can assign each operator's authority.
14、Realize settlement management of each operator on duty.

System flow chartski resort charging system

Flow introduction:

When the customers, no matter individuals or team, enter into the ski resort, stating what item they want to consume and what kind of customers they are, such as individual travelers, team, or VIP etc., the cashier selects customer classes and quantities in the system, and then it shows the deposit needed to pay. After the cashiers collect money and apply for a card, the system will print the deposit receipts automatically, and then the customers can get the cards and the receipts. With holding this card, the customers are able to consume and rent in the ski resort at will. After returning the borrowed devices, customers settle account with the cards at the cashier point. When the cashier swipes the card, the system will promptly show all the consumption details and the money deserved to return to the customer. After completion of the operation, this business ends, and all information would be recorded to the database and unchangeable. The card recovers to the no information state and can be recycled.

System configurationSki resort charging system

The whole system consists of nine parts, management center, issuing and recharging card at front desk, park entrance, storage locker system, catering consumption administration subsystem, stores consumption administration subsystem, article renting administration subsystem, recharging subsystem for the resort, and network transmission management.

Extensible function:

1、Fingerprint login system

You can enter into the system through verification of fingerprint. The system is attached to a fingerprint device, The employees couldn’t operate the system unless they get through the fingerprint verification, which improves the system security.

2、Online marketing-Wechat recharging

You could recharge for your member card through the internet, mobile APP, and Wechat, or booking tickets online.

3、Balance query machine

The balance query machine can be installed at the relevant recharging points, so that the customer could check the balance in the card in real-time to avoid disputes and improve work efficiency of staff.

4、Booking tickets online

Online booking can be made through the Wechat official account. Customers come to the site to get wristband cards with verification codes. At the same time, The Wechat public account can push advertisements to customers.

5、Self-helped recharging system

There will be added self-helped machine to this system. Customers can recharge and inquiry through the machine by themselves, which increase the convenience and intelligence of the system and reduces the labor cost.

6、Face recognition system

The face recognition system can be added, which increases system security and improves verification efficiency.

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