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Yonghao Electronic Enterprise Shuttle Bus Management System Charge Mode Detailed Explanation
Publish time: Feb.18, 2019 Source: Yonghao Electronic official website

Since the 1990s, the application of IC cards in cities has been started in China. The development of technology, platform, security system and operation mode of traffic card has become more and more mature. After more than 20 years of development, traffic card has developed from single bus application to multi-application and cross-regional and cross-platform interconnection. In addition, other payment methods such as NFC payment, UnionPay, UnionPay, UnionPay and so on are also emerging in an endless stream.

Bus companies write card information such as recharge amount into IC card through card issuer

When the bus IC card was introduced in the early years, it was supported by the friends of the general public. The payment method of swiping card has been continued until now. Almost all buses and even taxis of bus companies have installed a swiping card payment equipment. Citizen friends do not need to take a pile of change to ride on the bus, but they also get rid of the fact that they have no change on the bus and no redemption is set up in the automatic ticket box of bus with large bills. Trouble. At the same time, it also facilitates the management of public transport companies. Many one-ticket bus routes can implement unattended ticket selling by installing credit card payment equipment, which saves manpower and cost.

As shown in the figure, Yonghao Electronic Bus Card Brusher can read and write 13.56 MHz non-contact CPU cards, reserved Mifare cards and compatible cards that conform to 14443 TYPEA/B. At present, the most widely used credit card payment equipment in the traffic card system

Yonghao Bus Card Swipe Machine

Topological Map of Bus Card System

But there are also many drawbacks in the payment of swipe cards, that is, it is necessary to recharge in advance to the special bus network, and most of the bus cards are not registered, lost or compensated. Many people will often encounter the trouble that the recharge amount can not be recovered after they have lost their cards carelessly.

Second, sweep payment

With the development of smart phones, WeChat and Alipay are leading the trend of Internet POS. WeChat and Alipay, as the giant of mobile payment, have accumulated a large number of users through the development of several years. They have inherent advantages. Now shopping, eating, entertainment and consumption are all supporting WeChat / Alipay scan code payment, and the same bus payment also supports support and payment. All you need is a car-mounted scanner payment device.

Topological Map of Bus Card System

As shown in the diagram is a "sweep code payment version of the bus card printing machine", also known as the "bus scanning machine". The scanning machine adds a scanning probe on the basis of the original credit card machine. It only requires the WeChat / Alipay two dimensional code to swing to the probe to complete the payment.

Use WeChat / Alipay payment code to scan code payment.

Successful prompt payment and deduction for scanner

The function of scanner payment of on-board toll collection equipment belongs to the customized product function, which brings great convenience to the passengers without cards and forgetting to carry cards. When passengers get on the bus, they only need to open their own mobile phone WeChat / Alipay payment code, the vehicle charging equipment automatically sweeps the code and charges the cost of driving, the vehicle terminal tips are successful, the mobile phone WeChat / Alipay prompts the deduction to be successful, the system background generates the corresponding WeChat / Alipay newspaper fine, which facilitates the bus company administrator to check accounts and reconcile accounts.

Third, online marketing - Wechat recharge

Through the Internet, mobile App, Wechat Public Number to recharge the bus membership card. Wechat recharge, as a way of online recharge, is recharged by paying attention to the Wechat public number of bus companies, and the balance of Wechat wallet or bank card is paid. After successful recharge, the recharge amount is written to the system platform of one-card through the Wechat port. The recharge card is first swiped on the bus card switcher equipment, that is, the recharge amount is written to the card, and the first consumption amount/times is deducted. Passengers can make a balance on the Wechat Public Number Inquiry Card. Managers can check the detailed report of bus card swiping consumption, statistical report, etc. Wechat recharge can save the trouble of queuing for recharge at public transport outlets.

Wechat recharge step

Fourth, NFC Payment

NFC is called Near Field Communication in English. It is a close-range wireless communication technology. NFC devices can be used as contactless smart cards, smart card reader terminals and device-to-device data transmission links. At present, most mobile phones on the market support NFC function. Bus payment equipment installed by bus companies uses NFC radio frequency channel to realize local communication with the equipment. Realize credit card deduction. NFC payment is becoming more and more popular. NFC payment was widely used in Japan a long time ago. Nowadays, near-field payment and long-distance payment of NFC in Japan are very popular. In the future, NFC payment mode will be closely integrated with cards in China, open up the Internet, and even expand to the Internet industry such as e-commerce.

Fifth, UnionPay

Flash payment now generally refers to "online flash payment". Take the bank card issued to you by the bank, read the card information on the POS machine by swinging the card, and the cardholder enters the password to complete the payment. Previous flash payment refers to "off-line flash payment", which requires cash to be deposited in advance to an electronic cash account.

Sixth, UnionPay

In a specific way, a virtual bank card is generated in the mobile phone, which is equivalent to putting the information of the bank card sent to you in the mobile phone, and the mobile phone is equivalent to the bank card. Payments are made in the same way as on-line payment, except that the "swing card" is not the card issued by the bank, but your mobile phone. After swinging the mobile phone on the POS, enter the password and complete the payment. There are three ways of cloud flash payment: Apple Pay for Apple users (using the iPhone, Apple watch, iPad, etc.), Samsung Pay for Samsung users, and HCE for other Android users. Different cloud flash payment methods accomplish the task of "creating a virtual bank card in the mobile phone" through different "specific ways".

Concluding remarks

The popularity of mobile phones greatly reduces the threshold of mobile payment, promotes the use of mobile payment in various scenarios, and has a broader and more comprehensive coverage. Urban traffic card is an important application area of mobile payment. The popularization of traffic card reduces the investment and operation cost of public transport operators in business outlets. At the same time, a variety of payment methods provide consumers with convenient consumption and further promote the growth of transaction volume.

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