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Product Overview (Intelligent Handheld Terminal):

YHPPS-V702 "smart handheld terminal", also known as "handheld consumer machine", adopts MIFARE technology of NXP to read and write Mifare and its compatible cards. It has the beep prompting when swiping the card, sweep code Alipay, WeChat and self built two-dimensional code's scan code payment function; it can be compatible with supporting apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Pay Pay, HUAWEI Pay, support PDF417, QR Code, Data Data and so on. Recognition accuracy >= 5 ml. Flexible upper layer communication, sensitive data encryption and other functions, communication mode to support 4G, WiFi communication; Bluetooth printer can be attached to print consumer receipts. In practical application, it meets the needs of different customers and has the characteristics of stable performance, powerful function and exquisite appearance.
1. Support fixed. Manual. Menu consumption three modes of manual button switching.
2. Handheld P0S toll collector integrates the functions of consumption, query, statistics and menu mode setting.
3. Support standard RS232 communication and wireless communication.
4. Handheld POS toll collector with backup batteries, low power consumption, average power consumption of 0.5W, can last for a long time.

Technical parameters (Intelligent Handheld Terminal):



 Input voltage

  DC 7.4V (lithium battery), DC9V / 4A power adapter charge

 Operating temperature


 Relative humidity


 Communication rate

  9600 (default) can be changed to: 19200/38400/57600 / 115200bps

 Communication Interface

  RS 232

 Sensing distance

   4.5 cm

 Reading Speed


 System operating frequency


Applications (Intelligent Handheld Terminal):

Parking lots, tourist attractions, buses, tourist buses, corporate buses, catering and entertainment venues, takeout, snack shops, etc.
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