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The Urban Roadside parking management system

    Urban roadside parking management system can comprehensively plan, optimize and manage urban roads, traffic and parking, fully exploit urban parking resources, in particular, scientifically and rationally expand roadside space occupying parking resources, and the economic lever of reasonable charging for the roadside space occupying parking realizes the efficient use of parking resources. The system provides efficient, convenient and orderly services for traffic and parking in the city, thus improving urban traffic congestion and parking difficulties.  

    Urban roadside parking management system can effectively solve traffic-related problems such as traffic congestion, parking difficulties, illegal parking, accident disputes, vehicle safety, and environmental pollution.

    The system realizes the intelligent, informationized, scientific, rigorous, efficient and standardized management of urban roadside space occupying parking lots and vehicles through mobile handheld smart PDA terminal equipment, computers, information systems relying on modern network broadband technology.

Parking Industry Dedicated Handheld Terminal

Parking Industry Dedicated Handheld Terminal

Advantage 1 : Superior recognition ability;

1、Recognition rate reaches to 99.7%, supporting all- day working, multi-environment recognition, Multi-position recognition, well-adapted, and efficient.

2、The system is with fast recognition function. Single character recognition 2000words each second.

3、The objection processing is comprehensive. It can be identified when it encounters external disturbances.

4、The system supports all types of license plates, including blue plates, single-layer yellow plates, double-layers yellow plates, military license plates, police license plates, coach license plates, embassy license plates, agricultural license plates, etc.

5、There are powerful arithmetic research and development groups. Recognition algorithm optimization includes binarization algorithm, background uniformization algorithm and license plate distortion correction.

The Urban Roadside parking management system优势

Advantage 2 : Full featured and humanize.

1、It supports off-line management of fixed user parking lot dispense with PC.

2、The system supports for exception handling. It can solve the problem of no license plate or wrong identification of vehicle charges.

3、The system supports scanning QR code at the entrances & exit to solve the complex access identification problems.

4、It supports multi-entrances, theoretically there is no limit.

5、It supports a variety of charging standards to meet the needs of different types of parking fees.

6、It support monthly car rental, internal vehicle import and export.

7、The system provides the function of detailed business performance statistics.

8、The user experience is what we value. The software interface design is beautiful and easy to operate.

Software function introduction

Parking lot management: Reginal management, Road segment management, parking space management,

Charging standard set: Road segment charging standard, Allocate charging regulation, add charging regulation.

Vehicle owner management:owner information, expiring reminder, overdue monthly card, consumption list, arrearage list.

Monthly card management:monthly card information, transact monthly card, issuing card record, renewal record, monthly card type

Comprehensive query:Today’s parking record, parking record query, paying vehicle query, monthly card parking record.

Financial management:consumption serial bills, road section revenue statistics, individual business performance statistics, terminal top up of monthly card, monthly card sales statistics.

Log management:operation log, register log

System management: system user management, data backup download

The system core function introduction

1、Recover arrearage:This function relies on the server and mobile network technology to establish a parking account for each owner. When the arrears are incurred, the toll collectors can actively choose the arrears vehicles to perform the settlement business.

2、Synchronous parking record:Through the "reverse push" technology, the system automatically senses the change of the parking data, combined with the idle state of the parking space, truly realizes the state of using the parking space of the parking lot through the communication between the server and the handheld terminal to efficiently feedback to each terminal.
3、Streamlined communication protocol:The traffic exchanged between the terminal and the server can be effectively reduced to one-fifth, which greatly reduces the cost of the carrier's mobile phone card.
4、Universal billing algorithm: It adopts the mode of time-based combined charging. The user can easily realize the multi-channel multi-mode billing requirement by simply configuring the system according to its own charging rules in advance.

5、Template custom ticket:Many operators will define the header and end of the ticket, and even filter the items displayed by the ticket. In order to meet such requirements, the system designs the ticket editing function in the background. The operator can Need to set up an entry for parking admission ticket and appearance ticket;
6、Smart account calculation:The system abstracts the key charge item name in the parking charge, so that each transaction will be clear and accurate, intelligent billing reminder, help the toll collector to complete each charge service easily and accurately in the high-intensity work state.
7、Cloud-high concurrent server load technology: The system starts with protocol design and access mechanism, intelligently solves high-frequency access requirements, balances interface load reasonably, fully invokes server resources, and effectively solves industrial problems of large concurrency and high load;
8、Automatic departure from work:The system increases the number of vehicles present at the off-duty point when the off-duty point is played.
9、"A fool-like" one-click technology:The system adopts humanized design, constantly deliberates the use of scenarios and business processes, merges similar operations, simplifies business processes, and fully optimizes the terminal application design for the group of elderly people who charge for roadside parking. Achieve better evaluation in the industry
10、Internal “Clock” Timer:The system adds an internal “clock” function that intelligently senses time zone and system time changes. Only the terminal and the server are consistent to be charged normally.
11、Exception Snapshot Technology:Snapshot capture and exception capture mechanisms are added to the system to ensure that they can be processed in the first time when the problem occurs.
12、License plate recognition technology:The BT-OCR license plate technology used in the system is at the leading level in the industry and supports common license plates in the mainland. The recognition speed is less than 1 second, the daytime recognition rate is as high as 99.9%, and it can reach more than 95% at night with the help of the fill light. The recognition distance takes into account the safe shooting distance of the toll collector (about 3 meters), and also considers the requirement for close-range identification of the tight sections of some parking spaces (about 1 meter), and the inclination angle can be up to 40 degrees.

     The urban roadside parking management system platform reserves the expansion interface, which can realize the docking with the urban supervision platform and the supervision information of the urban traffic vehicle management department, and is an important link to realize the modernization of urban management and traffic vehicle management. Through the application of the operator network or wireless broadband network technology, the all-round collection of information sources can be realized, and real-time monitoring and charging management of the whole-area and full-time conditions can be implemented for any occupied parking lot.


System topological graph:

The urban roadside parking charge system scheme topological graph

Pattern of consumption

    City roadside parking management system supports 2 patterns of consumption: monthly consumption and time consumption

    Monthly subscription: It can open the monthly card function for the owner of the monthly card, and enter the system in advance. During the validity period, the vehicle can be parked when the operating section is not limited.

    Time consumption: The time is in minutes, you can set the amount of the car withholding, the maximum amount of consumption, free time according to the model.


Consumption flow path

    Vehicle entry:

 The Urban Roadside parking management system

    Vehicle exit: 

The Urban Roadside parking management system

The urban roadside parking management system is mainly composed of hardware and software.

System hardware: It is composed of a charging terminal PDA, a patrol terminal PDA, a background application server, a database server, a management computer, and a carrier wired and 4G wireless network.

System software: It consists of the charging terminal application software and the background software of the city PDA occupying parking system.

Peripheral system[must be docked, if required]: It consists of GIS system, public security traffic police system, monitoring system, signal system, etc.

System overall architecture

System overall architecture

Software system construction

Software system construction

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