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System overview (urban traffic smart card solution)

   Urban traffic smart card system designs for the actual demand of urban public transport charge management. It is the intelligent management system that combined with network technique, RFID technology, mobile communication technology, and computer information management system to realize smart card billing and settlement for taking multi-type vehicles in cities such as bus, metro, taxi, and shuttle bus.

    Urban traffic smart card system is based on overall design thinking framework that “passengers as clients, charge management as purpose, a variety of information technology as the means of management, combines people-oriented service concept, realize IC card total management system”

    Information system adopts B/S system framework, preparing for expansion of the system when adding exports in the future. The system host is deployed in the telecom engine room, using fixed IP, safe and easy for management. Due to low communication data between terminal and the host, card-recharge terminal management computer solves communication with remote host through ADSL, which can query the consumption information of each user by means of domain name resolution or direct IP access, and print the report settlement.

    Vehicle-mounted consumption terminal can realize multiple engineering modes. It can be embedded in the coin box, or it can be suspended and fixed in the car. The power supply is DV 12V. It can directly use the car’s power supply, and the backup battery can last for 3 hours under the locomotive stop to ensure data loss due to sudden power failure. The vehicle terminal can be used offline, or it can communicate with the host computer via GPRS.

    The urban traffic smart card system is applicable to bus companies, taxi companies, subway groups, intercity buses, etc.

Advantage (Urban traffic smart card solution)

   Urban traffic smart card solution is based on the needs of simple and practical economic construction. The front-end uses offline user equipment to complete data interaction with IC. Daily manual summary data (optional embedded in GPRS module, real-time or regular upload data), ISP as intermediate service to resolve communication between each card recharge point terminal and telecom equipment room. The management user logs in to the remote data server by ADSL. The data server located in the telecom machine room. It uses fixed IP address. Real-time communication and settling account on the same day ensures the accurate data. Simple and flexible structure makes it easy for system expansion.

   In the overall structure design of the system, taking into full consideration of current situation and future system expansion needs, it is made with multi-interface, open type framework design. In view of the actual situation of public traffic smart card, considering of the reliability, manageability, scalability, development, and safety, combined with various systems that may be purchased during the system implementation process, this system adopts client/ server architecture. It is used to solve the complex interface, confidentiality, high security, and the need to modify the operation of the database. The database can be defined according to user requirements.

   Site and component approach is used when designing and developing applications. Different services correspond to different functional modules. Moreover, when each operator and user accesses a certain system, only the applications and related processing data within the scope of their rights appear on the site. The friendliness and security of the system can be improved through the customization of the system.

Functions (Urban traffic smart card solution)

   1.The unified management information platform is established to form data standardization of various types of information, which build excellent digital space and information sharing environment, and further realize data transmission network, user terminal intelligence, and centralized settlement management.

   2.The unified identity authentication mechanism is established, so is the verification management platform based on the unified identity authentication.

   3.It closely integrates various business processes and systems to achieve seamless connection between system functions and business processes, and promote the construction of networked hardware basis platform in the base.

   4.It achieves unified e-payment and cost takeover management, and realizes vertical management.

   5.The valid interface between various business systems is established to eventually realize valid operation of IC card total management system.

System topological graph (Urban traffic smart card solution)

System configuration (Urban traffic smart card solution):

(Public transportation) Standard configuration terminal device:


Vehicle-mounted POS terminal Card issuing implement Vehicle-mounted stabilized voltage supply Portable charging terminal “Yonghao” smart card management software


Vehicle-mounted POS terminal holder and Server

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