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System overview(Driving behavior acquisition analysis system):

With the rapid development of the social economy, people's living standards continue to improve. The number of motor vehicles in China is constantly increasing. The national car ownership reached 285 million vehicles by the end of Jun.2016. With continuous development of the automobile industry and the large increase in the number of motor vehicles and drivers, the traffic accident rate has also increased year by year. In China, 48% of car accidents are caused by driver fatigue driving, which lead to direct economic losses amount to billions of dollars. Fatigue driving has also been listed as one of the main causes of traffic accidents and must be highly valued.

Analysis of the causes of traffic accidents

The Yonghao Electronic Driving Behavior Acquisition and Analysis System monitors the driver's fatigue status and driving behavior throughout the day while the driver is driving. After discovering the driver's fatigue, yawning, blinking and other wrong driving conditions, the early warning system will analyze such behaviors in a timely manner and give voice and light prompts to alert the driver and correct wrong driving behavior.

Driving behavior acquisition analysis system

State the identification 30minutes ahead of time, 5 seconds advance warning and reminder.

Reduce fatigue driving accidents by 80%.

Fatigue driving early warning

Distracted driving reminder

Driving process phone calling warning

Driving process seeing mobile phone warning

Smoking warning

Looking around warning

Driver identification

Photograph and video capture

4Gnetwork communication

Information scheduling

The whole system mainly uses the driver’s facial features, eye signals, head movement characteristics, etc. to infer drivers fatigue state and gives an alarm prompt and take corresponding measures, which is helpful for the driver to more intuitively judge the vehicle state, and give active intelligence security assurance to drivers and passengers.

Driving behavior acquisition analysis system

Hardware performance:

“Yonghao Electronics” driving behavior acquisition and analysis system is equipped with more graphics-specific processor GPUs, which perfectly solves the repetitiveness and large amount of graphics calculations in dealing with complex calculations, which will cause processing delay and cannot meet the high-speed hardware processing performance requirements, thereby achieving rapid image processing.

Driving behavior acquisition analysis system GPU

Software performance:

After collecting the data, “Yonghao Electronics” driving behavior collection and analysis system sends a low-speed warning signal to the driver and transmits the information to Yonghao Electronics cloud platform through the wireless network. The platform analyzes and statistics the driver behavior.


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