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System overview (HD 360°/3D panoramic assisted driving system):

The 360 panoramic assisted driving system is a very important part of vehicle safety management. With the blind spots in the visual field, more and more traffic accidents, and difficulties in obtaining evidence for accidents, Yonghao Company has incorporated the 360 panoramic assisted driving system into the traffic card system. The system uses software algorithms to image the four fisheye lenses outside the vehicle. It is combined into a seamless panoramic image and transmitted to the DVD display in real time via AV signals.

The biggest innovation of this technology is that users can create custom viewpoints, which are custom virtual cameras. The system can switch the angle of view freely and dynamically, and intelligently emphasizes different ranges of images around the body during driving and parking.

At the same time, the system is also a 24-hour vehicle DVR system, Providing user with all day driving record, driving/parking assistance, parking monitoring and other functions. It is a high-tech intelligent hardware product for vehicles.

HD 360°/3D panoramic assisted driving system

Advantage analysis:

4 fisheye lenses with 190 degrees super wide angle.

Realize high-efficiency, high-precision seamless integration based on dual-core ARM and FPGA intelligent hardware.

Intelligence and 3D dynamic viewing angle switching.

Fisheye correction based on hardware acceleration.

4 channel real-time brightness design engine, excellent brightness automatic balance function

3D de-interlacing technology and 3D squelch technology.

Video detection based on motion detection

Support TF card or USB as a recording medium.

Low cost calibration of peripherals and the most simplified calibration steps.

The highest video resolution is 1440*960.

Intelligent 2D power dissipation management mode

Car-level chipset and protective devices ensure optimal system performance and stability.

Feature introduction:

3D3D panorama with seamless mosaic, 360 degree non- blind area, clear at around, reversing automatic switching, automatic steering, graphic installation guidance, automatic plane correction, driving video recording, intelligent four wheels trajectory, parking vibration monitoring, four-corner visualization radar.

application scenarios:

HD 360°/3D panoramic assisted driving system application scenarios

Image splicing technology:

Several overlapping images that may get from different time, different perspectives, or different sensors can be combined into a large seamless high resolution image by image splicing technology.

Perspective distribution mode:

Camera position 1:


Camera position 2:


Install camera angle

Install camera angle adjustments:

The general principle of camera installation is to make as many external exposures as possible while ensuring that the camera photographed on the car body.

Bus installation Camera angle

The recommended mounting angle is at an angle of 45° to the direction of the vertical ground.

For large vehicles such as trucks and buses, as shown in the figure, the camera must be mounted as far as possible in the middle of the top edge of the vehicle.

Bus installation Camera angle

Low speed blind spot detection system

The first level of warning, if there are vehicles approaching quickly at the adjacent lanes on the left and right sides when the vehicle is in the process of running, the corresponding left and right LEDs are illuminated.

The second level of warning, if there are vehicles approaching quickly at the adjacent lanes on the left and right sides, and the vehicle has a turn signal when in the process of running, the system will prompt the intermittent Bi-Bi-Bi reminder.

Low speed blind spot detection system

Sensor installation location:

Sensor installation location

LED location on the left and right:

LED location on the left and right



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