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System overview(Urban public traffic smart card management system solution)

The purpose of urban public traffic smart card management system is: convenient for people as demand, with preferential policies, with a smart card providing superior quality life, with an IC card gradually realizing going out by car, supermarket consumption, medical treatment insurance, work attendance, access to the door, parking lot, mobile phone query government affairs, journalism, traffic, people’s livelihood, medical care, life, entertainment, employment, software information, etc.

Shenzhen Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the field of smart card application. Urban public traffic smart card management system mainly expands functions of public traffic swiping card payment, perfects the public traffic card system, and reserves the tickets for tourist attractions to realize one card universal charging, including multiple interfaces of the smart card such as tourist hotel and catering.

High starting point for the construction of public traffic IC card charging and management information system, will adopt the most advanced, safe, reliable and stable mature technology in the world, so that the system reaches to the domestic leading level, and realizes non-contact IC card charging and public traffic management information system in public traffic routines, and then complete general management of public traffic intelligentialize and real-time transformation. The system design capability ought to meet the capacity of one million card user, daily unlimited capability of charging information, charging times data, and consumption data, issuing card, top up and clearing. The public traffic IC card system would meet the needs of application for 8-10 years.

1.Establish domestic leading level public traffic IC card automatical fare collection system.
On the basis of meeting the basic functions required for the bus company's non-contact IC card automatic fare collection system, and realizing the standardization and digitization of IC card charging operation management, the information service advantages of CDMA and the Internet are fully utilized to provide wireless communication data recovery and IC card air recharge, 13.56MHZ mobile phone slot card business, and reserved tickets for tourist attractions to realize smart card charges, and facilitate subsequent expansion of multi-interfaces for tourists consumption with smart card at hotel, catering and so on.

2.Realize flexible, changeable, intelligent fare collection manner
This urban public traffic fare collection system can be divided into two modes, integrated ticketing and segment-based charging, according to the customer’s situation. The bus company can use it as needed. Integrated ticketing adopts the charging method of self-helped slot card or inserting coins, while the segmented-based charging adopts the charging method of bus POS terminal, external connected manual operation taximeter according to different passengers issuing different fares.

3.Inner management “multi-application card”
After the charging system enters into stable operation and has certain scale, the “one card multi-purpose” of the internal management of the bus company is gradually realized. At the same time, the system is based on the application of public traffic, reserving expansion interfaces to future landmark tickets or other field of small-scale consumption, to adapt to construction urban public traffic smart card application platform expansion needs.

4.Establish a safe, efficient, fully functional clearing management center.
IC card system clearing management center takes charge of safety management of the system, production and distribution of all kinds of cards. It is responsible for summarizing and collecting consumption and capital data from each charging terminal and recharge point, proceeding to make consumption settlement and send clearing information to bank, management of all devices about the system included. The management center is responsible for the setting of various user cards and tickets types in the system and the discounts for each ticket type. It is in charge of management and storage of IC card system data, and providing data interfaces to each branch center, to realize information sharing. Information center is responsible for statistics and analysis of operating data, providing customer services function.

5.Establish system of card issuing, selling, and top up.
Card sales recharge subsystem is responsible for selling, recharging, recording, storage, selling and recharging the IC card that has been initialized in the system, and uploading the data to the clearing center in real-time or timing.

6.Establish consumption terminal system.
The consumer terminal equipment realizes the setting of charging standard. When the passengers perform the consumption, the legality of verification of the card is completed, and the card is deducted after the verification is passed. At the same time, the storage of the current day’s transaction records is completed.

7.Establish consumption data collection system.
The data collection point is connected to the clearing management center through network, to collect and upload the consumption data stored in the consumption terminal, and receive the blacklist. The blacklist can be downloaded when collecting the consumption data from the transaction terminal device.

8.Establish data communication network system.
Data transmission between card sales and recharge system, consumption data collection system, settlement sub-center, clearing center, and the clearing bank can be realized on the LAN and VPN. Urban public traffic smart card management system applies to taxi enterprise, BUS Company, metro group, and intercity shuttle bus etc.

Advantages analysis(Urban public traffic smart card management system solution)

(1). Economic benefit

1. It speeds up the passengers getting on the vehicles, reduces the station dwell time. Accelerating vehicle operation equals to reducing the vehicle.

2. Different status enjoys different discounts. Eventually replacing monthly ticket and coin with IC card, eliminating shortages of welfare monthly ticket, has vital significance of promoting management, and strengthen economy innovation.

3. Timely get hold of passenger flow status, scientifically and rationally dispatch and create benefits.

4. Different groups of people use different fare collection manners, such as pre-paid, post-paid, and cash payment etc.

5. The labor cost on ticket sellers can be saved .

6. The staff expenses on unmanned ticketing currency counting can be saved.

7. Advertising fee income, the IC card surfaces is available to print characters for advertising, can offset partial cost of the IC card.

8. The tickets can be pre-paid to increase corporate turnover.

(2). Investment income

1. Reducing the number of tickets sellers, according to the reduction of 50%, at least 150 people could be reduced, while according to 20,000 RMB each person each year, then 3000,000 RMB could be saved.

2. Eliminating the loss of the tickets caused by drivers and conductors, the operation income can be increased. Provided that one car loses fares of 20 RMB each day, then each year 300 cars loses fares: 20*30*12=2,160,000 RMB

3. The human input can be saved, such as inspector, dispatch staff, managers. The system generates various statements, which is more fair and accurate, and it can save some people, promoting management efficiency.

4. The circulation of counterfeit money is effectively stopped.

5. Increasing a large number of customers about e surfing smart cards, it improves the project earnings and stabilizes other business of the e surfing smart cards.

6. It is enhancing competitiveness for the expanding of e surfing smart cards.

(3). Social benefit

1. The service level of public traffic is improved according with the target to the construction of international city.

2. At present, the system we choose is in line with the international advanced level, which has just been used in HK and Macau for small scales in 1995, and has also been used in Western European and Australia and some other countries in recent years.

3. This facilities the citizens and reduces social cash flow.

4. The vehicle’s operating efficiency is improved and the ride time is saved.

5. The non-contact IC card is adopted, and it takes only one second to complete a charging process. As charging speed increases, the vehicles shorten the running time, which is equivalent to saving the riding time.

6. The charges and statistics are fully managed automatically, effectively plugging loopholes and eliminating possible corruption and false ticketing of management personnel.

7. Non-contact IC card is beautiful and easy to carry, unbreakable, and can be stored for a long time. There is huge space for sustainable development.

8. The card can be printed advertisements for tourist attractions for visitors to commemorate and progagandize.

Functions introduction (Urban public traffic smart card management system solution)

(1). Main functions of hardware

Urban public traffic smart card management system hardware supports for the capacity of one million cards. The equipment itself is able to store swiping card data of 50,000 pieces, supports for more than 100 types of voices and dozens of levels, provide data backups and supplementary collection of all records and other related functions. Other details are as follows.

1. High speed data wireless two-way transmission
The devices realize the functions of always on and high speed data transmission through CDMA wireless network provided by mobile operator. Real-time upload of swiping card data, related parameter, fares and attribute can all be directly sent to devices from software by wireless network.
It realizes two-way transmission. The slot card data on the vehicles is transmitted to the management center in the real-time, and the management center can send automatic timing, change of fixed fare, device attributes and other related operations to the vehicles at any time.

2. Real-time transmission and monitoring
Each time a user swipes a card, the data would be automatically transmitted to the database server in the real-time, and the software can be used to view the real-time status of data. The manager/operator can real-time open the monitoring interface of the software to see each real-time uploaded data, at the same time, the total number of online devices can be queried.

3. Historical data
The devices itself can store data of 50,000 pieces, of which 3108 pieces can be stored in the backup memory chip. At the same time, the data in the memory chip can be retained for supplementary collection to ensure data integrity, and the supplementary collection of all data can be collected back.

4. Automatic reconnection / power saving function.
If the device is in the absence of a network signal, the link between the device and the background will be disconnected. When the signal network is searched again, the device will automatically reconnect and docking with the background. If the device is in an unattended condition, the power saving function will be turned on automatically.

5. Swiping card time display/balance reminder/ storage modes.
After the user finishes swiping card, the time and balance of the information displayed after the card is less than a certain amount can be directly sent by the software, and the storage mode of the device is optional

6. PSAM card encryption.
The system supports for PSAM card encryption. There are 2 SAM card slot build-in, at most 4 SAM card slot available, above 2 completely different secret keys transaction process supported, including secret key issued by the Ministry of Construction PSAM, local or enterprise. The card encryption method is performed by one card with one secret. The system defaults to 2 sectors, common sector/wallet sector, and the cryptographic hardware and software is provided by our company. The user can set the 12-digit hexadecimal password to encrypt the card and device.

7. MI card/CPU card/smart phone slot card.
The system supports M1 card, CPU card and 13.56MHZ mobile phone card, and reserves the 2.4G mobile phone swiping card expansion interface.

8. Voice prompt / validity period judgment.
There is voice prompt when employees use the corresponding card to take the bus. For instance, it says “employee card”, this system support for more than 100 kinds of voices. The validity time can be read in the card when the user opens an account. Turn on the validity period judgment function, and it will automatically judge the validity period of the card. If the validity time expires, it says “logout card” or “invalid card”, The user can go to the management office to modify the effective time of the card in the software by the staff.

9. Blacklist/ discount rate
If the user card is lost, the valid card can be used to report the loss/unlock. When the card is swiping by other people after reporting loss, the device will promptly report “the loss card”. The task of reporting loss generates automatically and issues to vehicle-mounted POS terminal. Each level card number is set to the corresponding discount rate. After the discount rate of the card types is sent to the device, the amount of the card deduction fee is the fixed fare by discount rate.

The swiping card time interval between the single card and dual card can be set according to the actual situation. This is set by the bus company.

The vehicle-mounted swiping card data proceeds double backups with 2 memory chips storing simultaneously. The system can perform complementary functions such as supplementary collection and backup collection to ensure data integrity.

The swiping card data is automatically transmitted by the device in real time. Our communication terminal interactive program will collect and delete all the data of the device every morning. The collection time can be set by the bus company, or automatically connected for the first time in accordance with our existing methods.

(2). Main function of software

Yonghao Urban Public Traffic System Software consists of several parts including database, client software, communication software, and settlement center. The client software includes IC card initialization system, account recharge module (the number of rechargeable account opening points can be connected), loss reporting and unlock module, logout module, report query system, parameter setting system, key setting, etc. Communication program is responsible for wireless version (CDMA) data transmission, and settlement program automatically settles all slot card consumption data. Client software specific is as follows.

1. System setup center
System setup center mainly consists of parameter setup, secret key, password modification, operator authority definition, logout card recycling machine system initialization.

2. Business management center
The main functions of business management center include new card issuing, top up, reporting loss/unlock, card type setting, card information modification, cancellation, card information inquiry and other related modules responsible for daily business processing..

3. Statement management center
The statement management center is mainly used to make a specific analysis of the revenue status of the entire system. This module include user card schedule, management card schedule, user recharge information table, segmented slot card information table, consumption information table, card type modification table, reporting loss/ unlock table, cancellation card list, card statistics table, top up statistics table, driver operation statement and some other related statement.

System topological graph (Urban public traffic smart card management system solution)

System configuration (Urban traffic smart card solution):

(Public transportation) Standard configuration terminal device:


Vehicle-mounted POS terminal Card issuing implement Vehicle-mounted stabilized voltage supply Portable charging terminal “Yonghao” smart card management software


Vehicle-mounted POS terminal holder and Server

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