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Yonghao Electronic helped Ninety-nine Winding Stream Tourist Area in Fuxi, Longyan City develop one card system for pleasure ground consumption
Yonghao Electronic help Ninety-nine Winding Stream Tourist Area in Fuxi, Longyan City develop the one card system for pleasure ground consumption. The system was built with induction IC card instead of cash so that they can make management of each play item such as consumption income management, single item sales ranking management, sales details statistic management etc. And they can take control of revenue management, employees management, query management, membership management, customer information management, promotion preferential management, discount management, details management and so on. The system aims at modernizing information management, and building an advanced information management platform with leading conception and technology to bring the tourists freedom and convenience. All consumption in scenic area is settled by one card, no cash settlement. At the card issuing place, you can recharge value for your card at the beginning of the tour, refund the balance and return card at the end of the tour.
       Longyan Fuxi Ninety-nine Winding Stream Tourist Area is located in Fuxi Village, Tieshan Town, suburb of Xinluo District, 10 kilometers from the city. There is convenient transportation, Zhanglong Railway and Fu Third Line pass by. Relying on the advantages of good vegetation, water and other ecological resources in Fuxi, Taking "Fuxi tourism, close to nature" as the main tone, The Investors spent 128 million Yuan to develop and construct the project that is participatory, entertaining, distinctive and outstanding. It is the first Canyon ecological rubber boat drift project in West Fujian Province up to 5 Kilometers’ length and 80 meters’ drop. The tourists can experience the thrilling drift, enjoying beautiful scenery of Fuxi, breathing fresh air, and feeling the joy of returning to nature.

       There is a distance from the park entrance to drift point. You can see the forest trees are connected to the sky along the way. Wind blowing, forest is stirred by winds, that makes you cozy and relax.
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