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Product Overview (Bus scanner):

The new bus scanning machine can read and write 13.56MHz's 14443TYPEA/B compliant non-contact CPU card, reserved Mifare card series and its compatible card. It can be compatible with apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Pay Pay, HUAWEI Pay, support PDF417, QR Code, PDF417 and so on, the recognition accuracy is high, and supports WeChat, Alipay and other three party payment platforms.

Features (Bus scanner):

1. Glass mirror design, exquisite production, easy installation;

2. Popular processors, faster processing speed, powerful system task processing capability redundancy;

3. Readable and writable 13.56 MHz non-contact CPU cards, Mifare cards and compatible cards conforming to 14443 TYPEA/B;

4, support for the Internet of things scan code payment, such as Alipay, WeChat, bank two-dimensional code scan code;

5. Platform products, flexible application and development, fast and convenient combination of hardware modules;

6. Supports TFT high-definition graphical interface, which can display personalized graphical interface and personnel color photos, has the right to set the input, give full play to the application functions, and meet the preferences of multi-users;

7. Various communication modes: 3G/4G wireless data communication, WiFi communication, extended Bluetooth interface, USB, etc.

8. Automatic GPS station reporting, realizing the amount switching and linkage of subsection charging;

9. Offline function, suitable for remote inconvenient networking applications: using U disk to upload and download transaction records;

10. Supporting real-time transmission of transaction data and using stable network platform, the reliability of transaction data is greatly improved.

11. Supporting SD card, expanding the card can be used in the storage medium of vehicle terminal.

12. Video and audio broadcasting function of multimedia advertisement as advertisement delivery function of vehicle system;

13. Advanced embedded operating system, 24 hours uninterrupted long-term work, stable and reliable equipment;

14. The remote control terminal can publish messages, remote assistance and other functions.

15. Exquisite and generous design, gorgeous interface, fashionable and friendly.

Technical data (Bus scanner):




 Four rows of LED color screen display


 Rich text, support Chinese, scalable


 It can be customized according to the actual size

 Dust and waterproof rating


 Working current


 Site monitoring transmission mode

 3G or optical (using local video, remote network Live View)

 Working current



 Support RS232, wireless communication

 Extended Voice

 Vehicle location voice broadcast feature

 Extended surveillance video

 It can be integrated with video surveillance platform capabilities, and can capture

LED LCD TV functions

Extended LCD TV on demand

Applications (Bus scanner):
Bus commuters
Tour Bus
Scenic area sightseeing bus
Telecom Operator Terminal Platform
On-board Toll Collection System
Vehicle Multimedia Advertising Terminal
City Card and Non-Card Taxi Credit Card Trading System

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