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System overview (Intelligent public transport electronic station board solution):

“Intelligent digital public transportation” will adopt new generation application system which combines GPS, GPRS, RFID, GIS-T, with advanced video transmission technology and intelligent sensor. The system can provide real-time and accurate Chinese and English vehicle arrival forecast, multimedia video playback, real-time video monitoring, passenger feedback suggestions, and diversity information publish services. It can also expand taxi scheduling, emergency assistance, information inquiry and multiple social services functions, and effectively improve vehicle operating efficiency.

Advantage analysis (Intelligent public transport electronic station board solution):

1.Nowadays buses are installed or can be added to vehicle-mounted GPS vehicle positioning system. Each bus will transmit location data to control center servers via wireless network. Through calculation, the distance or number of stations that arrive at each station will be calculated. The calculation result is sent to the electronic station card equipped with the wireless communication device. The prediction and information is released on the LCD/LED screen through optical fiber transmission.

2.Traffic Electronic Stop Multimedia Information Display System the new generation traffic multimedia information display system which is designed as a high-performance digital multimedia terminal.

3.The advanced wireless technology supports the arrival information prompt function to focus the audience’s attention on the LCD screen. The optical fiber bandwidth technology system deduces the streaming media terminal all over the city into HDTV. Humanized information content makes the audience feel rich information services.

Function introduction (Intelligent public transport electronic station board solution):

1.With function of intelligent warning, after pressing the alarm button, the monitoring background can also receive the video and audio information of the station camera for storage and emergency processing.

2.The electronic platform monitoring system adopts professional star-level cameras, which can display high-definition full-color video under low light at night.

3.Video monitoring function.

4.Electronic platform is equipped with slot card top up system which is convenient for passengers to top up and inquire balance of the card.

5.Bilingual vocal TTS station reporting function, the volume can be adjusted automatically or remotely according to the time period.

6.The button scrolling function, if there are many routes at the point, which leads to a large number of page flips, a waterproof stainless steel button can be added, and people can touch the button while waiting for the bus, and self-help to scroll the pages of the post information displayed on the electronic station board screen to scan what they want to know about the bus information. It can save the waiting time and improve the satisfaction of the passengers.

7.LED malfunction pass back and warning function, can automatically detect LED display and running state point-by point, then pass back and report an emergency of the short circuit, open circuit and broken screen circumstances. It can also remotely monitor abnormal opening of the electronic station board to ensure that the system is operating normally.

8.The temperature and humidity index collection and release function, can collect temperature and humidity condition around electronic station board, real-time release on the electronic station board, and real-time record at the backstage supporter.

9.With mobile phone Application inquiry function of bus arriving to the station, the citizens can download application by mobile phone for bus information inquiry. Nowadays most mobile phones are smart phones. It is easier than inquire information via SMS.

10.“Sponge city” data supplement node, water logging, real-time detection of water content, can pre-embedded probe of humidity and water content under electronic station board, real-time monitor water content value of the soil around electronic station board. It also has function of flood warning to replenish data of “sponge city”

Intelligent digital electronic station board function introduction
Intelligent digital electronic station board function introduction

System topological graph (Intelligent public transport electronic station board solution)

System topological graph (Intelligent public transport electronic station board solution)

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