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System overview(Conference Check-in System Solution)

Yonghao Conference Check-in System is a system management software developed for meeting management needs of organs, enterprises and schools. The system combines RFID intelligent management technology to realize registration of participants, card making and issuing, admission time record, exit time record, leave time record, admission voice prompt, exit voice prompt, admission identity display, admission alarm and participation of NON-CONFERENCE related personnel. Non-authorized departure alarm of meeting personnel, generation of meeting check-in reports, etc., effectively ensure the safety of the meeting and the integrity of the meeting, is an ideal management software for large-scale meetings of organs and units.

Advantage analysis(Conference Check-in System Solution)

The conference check-in system can be managed in many ways, including personnel, data, check-in and report forms. It can grasp the basic information of staff check-in in in time, understand the venue settings, participants'situation and attendees' situation in an all-round way. To achieve the registration of participants, card making and issuing, admission time record, departure time record, leave record, admission voice prompt, exit voice prompt, admission identity display, admission alarm of NON-CONFERENCE related personnel, non-authorized departure alarm of participants, generation of check-in report forms and so on, effectively ensure the safety and integrity of meetings, is a large-scale meeting of organs and units. Important will have ideal management software.

Function introduction(Conference Check-in System Solution)

1. System user management:

System management permissions can be set and system operators can be added and deleted.

2. Personnel data management:

Fill in user unit personnel data, database statistics can achieve multiple personnel data items statistics, in practical application, each unit can add and delete personnel data statistics items arbitrarily according to their actual needs. In personnel data statistics items, classified statistics can be made according to various data.

3. Conference data management:

Fill in and add or delete conference information, including: conference name (general meeting and two-level branches can be set), conference room, meeting place, meeting start time, meeting end time, meeting report time, meeting report place, latest check-in time, meeting contact person, conference contact telephone, organizer, co-organizer, meeting content, meeting number, etc.

4. Participant management:

Set up the attendees for each meeting; copy the attendees'data from other meetings to attendees' tables; edit and modify the attendees'data for sudden changes; confirm whether the attendees issue cards again; ensure that the attendees sign in successfully; join or define groups one by one; and set up all the attendees.

5. Conference Check-in Management:

According to the arrangement of meeting room and attendees, the attendees can change their seating color by receiving the information of card swipe and sign-in, and have a comprehensive understanding of the venue settings, attendees, attendees and so on.

6. Manual check-in management:

For various reasons, participants may not be able to use the check-in card to implement the check-in management. At this time, manual check-in can be implemented by conference staff.

7. Participants'leave management:

If the participants are temporarily unable to attend the meeting due to some reasons, leave management can be set up for the participants: a person, what reasons for leave, such as this person's information can be fully displayed, so as to facilitate the management of the meeting to timely grasp the information of leave personnel.

8. Report generation management:

According to the situation of meeting check-in, the report of meeting check-in is generated. Check-in report forms can be used to check-in statistics for all kinds of meetings according to the status of the attendees and the data management statistics items of the system personnel, and form and print the report forms. Users can submit all kinds of statistical items to the report forms at will according to the personnel data statistics items.

System topological graph(Conference Check-in System Solution)

configuration(Conference Check-in System Solution)

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