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Product Overview (water control one machine):

Installation instructions: The water control mounted horizontally in the pipeline control faucet or showerhead.

System setup: NMC set up by related settings, such as rates, machine number, mode, etc. on the water recharge machine, set the parameters and then the management card is passed to the water control.

Usage: Consumer card into the slot to the water, and the card balance traffic countdown display, pull the card without water.



Features (water control one machine):

1. Wiegand flow meter sensor anti-interference ability, accurate measurement. Coupled with a triangular screw seal off the anti-lead, completely prevent the theft of water, vandalism phenomenon.

2. Integrated design, easy to install, simple appearance, and appropriate environment.

3. Full waterproof design to ensure product higher stability, efficiency.

4.8 high-brightness LED, in water vapor environment, still clearly show the card balance, charges.

5. The anti-interference, anti-magnetic interference, in order to prevent an unauthorized person to steal water phenomenon.

6. Pre chargeback model to ensure the customer`s benefit, and enhance awareness of water saving.

7. Offline have realized report the loss and recover the balance function.

8. Each card can be set using the maximum daily limit (daily water / time, number of times with water, the water amount).

9. Free cold water billing functions, effective solution to the accumulated problems of cold water for a long time without water pipes inside.

10. With a temperature control function, when the water temperature is below the set temperature free use, the temperature higher than the set standard charges.

11. You can set 10 kinds of card types, each card type can be set to the minimum consumption daily, 24 hours a day different fees.

12. Enables group management, the cardholder can use in this group of machines, detailed management area.

13. Automatic shut off valve without water, to avoid wastage. Data storage stable, easy to lose power.

14. Multiple wallet backup, multiple check consumption, ensure data no mistake, once an exception automatically lock the card appears.

Technical parameters (water control one machine):

Card Type


Operating Voltage


Billing accuracy

0.01 yuan / liter

Reading Speed

< 0.2s

Store records

4000 Rolling storage

Operating temperature

0 ~ 90

Reader sector

Any two zones

working frequency



8 digital display

Working pressure

0.03 ~ 0.6Mpa


Standby less than 1W, work 6W





Reading distance

3 ~ 6cm

Report the loss reader


Working humidity

10% ~ 90%

Card volume


Connector size

DN20 ~ DN15, male thread





Waterproof rating

IP*6 ~ 7

can choose Colour

Blue red

Applications (water control one machine):

Widely used in schools, factories, mines, enterprises, military, prisons and other places of concentrated or single room bathroom
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