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Product Overview (Intelligent Transport one machine):

Intelligent traffic management platform-one, that is the premise of critical theory transit network assignment, bus scheduling, forecasting algorithms, the use of systems engineering theory and method, modern communications, information, electronics, control, computer, network, location technology , GIS and other new technologies can be integrated public transport system; by building a modern information technology to enhance the level of public enterprise management and service levels, improve public enterprises operational efficiency and effectiveness.


1, also supports manual, GPS automatic, by RS485 communication, the process stops CPU handles, one machine hosts, GPS module combination, the three synchronization;

2, high-capacity storage, you can store more than 100 lines, design elements: Hi3520A database holding 100 line, when one of the lines to download a line STM32, with storage, the power-station synchronization message version changes, the line supports a key switch (upper terminal can be set at the same time);

3, stops audio files, including language and other services, layout is simple, according to the station layout, copy, paste before, support remote update;

4, OSD time display latitude and longitude and location information, and is regularly sent to the control center of the vehicle is running (on transmission time interval can be set);

5, automatic calculation expand support line trajectory generation, support line lock, correction function;

6, expand the terminal supports GPS accumulated mileage credit calculation to provide accurate mileage data for the dispatch center;

7, will display the video screen and stops the operation of the whole implementation.

3G video surveillance:

1, can freely view the vehicles to on-demand video through the car way back to the dispatch center 3G network;

2, return video, but also be able to store backups on a server;

3, support for multiple video channels simultaneously return;

4. Support door off switch display, support for reversing switch display;

5, support for remote capture.

Surveillance video:

1, using the most advanced H.264 encoding, supports 1-8 channel real-time video, each channel can control, saving battery wear and tear;

2, support video recording matching;

3, support for SSD solid state hard drive and SD card storage surveillance video;

4, support for multi-channel setting different video resolution;

5, video OSD information superimposed: vehicle number, date, time, latitude and longitude, speed, current travel sites;

6, the video is full automatic cover;

7, supports timer recording, the power detection recording, video delay shutdown, GPIO trigger recording settings, and videos;

8, Video play: dedicated player to play, supports up to 32 times the normal speed playback.


1, ACC detection, door status testing, brake testing, steering detection, speed detection, fuel testing, battery voltage detection, alarm input and output processing;

2, 3G, GPS antenna detection;

3, voice intercom function: the dispatch center and end calls;

4, the electronic station interface cards aside;

5, set aside card Serial docking device.

LED release (reserved):

1, LED screen display line, station name information;

2, the control center remote release LED screen bus lines to change the bus company information dissemination;

3, public service advertising, commercial advertising.

Features (Intelligent Transport one machine):

1, GPS automatic station + GPS smart scheduling + video surveillance video + 3G video transmission + remote maintenance and management;

2, the advantages: product integration, high stability, easy construction, relatively low failure rate, easy maintenance, easy set "vehicle dispatch, automatic station, video monitoring, system maintenance," as one of the intelligent transport one machine to achieve a functional separation equipment can not be achieved;

3, the use of hard disk storage (SSD solid state) surveillance video files, newspaper stand aside SD card memory File, surveillance video file using the hard disk, from vehicle vibration impact is greater than the capacity of the SD card can be;

4, stops, monitor file separate storage: stops file, the file should be independent surveillance video storage;

5, the device function expansion rich interfaces;

6, the device extension feature-rich: the Device module 2G and 3G video transmission customer choice;

7, the high level of dust and water: Car GPS dispatching host dust and waterproof rating should reach five, can be provided by professional evaluation agencies issued the dust and water testing reports;

8, the working voltage range: equipment between 8 ~ 36V power supply can normally (do not need additional regulation devices).

Technical parameters (Intelligent Transport one machine):


Host processor

Industrial embedded microcontroller ARM-Contex-A9, low-power high-performance CPU processor, high-speed processing protocols and data

Operating system

Embedded LINUX Operating System

Video Parameters

Image coding standard

H.264(Main Profile)

Video Standard

PAL (625 lines, 50 fields / s), NTSC (525 lines, 60 fields / s)

Monitoring image quality

PAL system, 960H (960 × 576)

Playback image quality


Image Control

Image quality is adjustable, variable stream and an optional fixed stream

Coding ability

8 HD1 / D1 real-time

Decoding capability

8 HD1 / 1 channel D1 real time

Image motion detection

Each screen can be set to 192 (16 * 12) detection areas; multi-level sensitivity can be set

Audio parameters

Coding Standards


Voice intercom

Independent voice intercom

Recording Management

Recording mode

Manual recording, motion detection recording, scheduled recording, alarm recording

save Record

The hard drive, SD card, network

Recording Speed

960H @ 25 fps


support simultaneous playback 1,2,3,4


Support HDD, SD card (reserved)



Video Input

8-channel CVBS analog video inputs (1.0Vp-p, 75Ω)

Video output

1 analog video BNC connector (1.0Vp-p, 75ohms), 1 channel VGA output

Grab function

Support JPEG capture function

Matrix output

support multi-split screen mode

Audio frequency

Audio Input

4 to 8

Audio output

1 line of audio output

Call the police


Alarm Input

8 alarm inputs, switch

Alarm Output

2-way alarm output relay contacts (1A @ 12VDC), NO, NC programmable


Wired network

An RJ45 interface, 10/100 / 1000M adaptive

Wireless network

Wireless network communication: a variety of communication CDMA / EVDO (3G), or WCDMA or TDCDMA, and support for remote content updates station, remote control parameter settings.


A USB 2.0 interface


Large-capacity storage, you can store more than 100 lines, flexible way stops, self-combination


Standard 485, Standard 232 interface, and LED screen, line cards, coin box, electronic stop sign and other connections


Internal support one or more SATA hard drive, SD card self-switching (reserved)

Power supply

Power supply design multi-level protection DC 12V, equipment supply between 8 ~ 36V can normally


≤25W (with adapter, without hard drive)

Applications (Intelligent Transport one machine):

City bus, corporate bus, school bus, cold chain logistics vehicles, coaches, police cars, etc.

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