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Product Overview (E-POS consumer machine):

E-POS consumer machine is a professional design, beautifully produced multifunction consumer terminal equipment, in line with ISO / IEC 14443 international standard TYPE A, TYPE B series non-contact logic encryption card, in line with standard CPU card and electronic label card (RFID) to support bar code scanning. Built-in operating systems, and small database processing capabilities, integrated wireless transmission module, built a small ticket printer, dual color display and supports multiple extensions. Has been successfully applied to small supermarkets, entertainment consumer sites, restaurants, schools, libraries, membership points places.
Features (E-POS consumer machine):

1, professional design, beautifully produced, easy to install;

2, ARM9 processor, faster processing speed, powerful system-tasking redundancy;

3, support for compliance with ISO / IEC 14443 international standard TYPE A, TYPE B series non-contact logic encryption card, in line with T = 0 / T = 1 protocols CPU card and comply 15693 standard electronic tag card (RFID);

4, built-in operating system, and a small database processing capacity;

5, support bar code scanning;

6, the platform products, flexible application development, hardware module combination quickly and easily;

7, support for 3.5-inch TFT high-definition graphical interface, a graphical interface can show personality and personnel color photos of fashion keyboard input and touch screen input, full application functionality to meet the multi-user preferences;

8, communication and diverse: GPRS / CDMA wireless data communication, IrDA infrared, USB, etc;

9, offline functionality, inconvenient for long-distance networking applications: U-disk recording to achieve consumption uploading and downloading;

10, supports real-time consumption data transmission, using the stable network platform, greatly improving the reliability of the consumption data;

11, support for expansion cards such as SD card;

12, a unique keyboard function mode: 25 function keys and 12 password input keys;

13, advanced embedded operating system, 24 hours a day for a long time, stable and reliable equipment;

14, remote control terminal publish news;

15, compact design and generous and friendly interface.

Technical data (E-POS consumer machine):




 32 ARM (ARM9 core processors), low power consumption


 64K of on-chip SRAM, 64K on-chip ROM, 256MB expansion of NANDFLASH, 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM.

 Extended memory

 SD card support for expansion

 Operating system



 Duplex 320X240 3.5 inch TFT color display with touch screen (OW)


 In English and other languages at any level switch

Keys / inputs

 25-key keyboard operator, customer or user operating 12 small PIN pad; T9 input method


 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet communication; supports USB communications; GPRS / CDMA EV-DO expansion port, built-in wireless antenna; extend wifi (compatible with 802.11b / g), ZigBee, etc. as an external wireless printer

 Printing function

 Built-in thermal printer, speed: 26mm / sec, Paper width: 57.5mm, outer diameter: 40mm, printhead life: 50KM

 Operating temperature

 -40 ~ +85



 Anti-static interference




 Data processing

 End embedded small databases, wireless network data transmission

 Support number of commodities


Reader module

 Can read and write 13.56MHz meets 14443TYPEA / B protocol non-contact CPU card, Mifare card series, is fully compatible without optional

Reading Speed


 Reading distance


Storage capacity


 Blacklist management


 PASS card slot

 2 PSAM card slots small, a large PSAM card slots, key security access and privileges 3DES algorithms, multi-level key dispersed

Bar code gun

Supports barcode scanning gun


Support online upgrade

 Extended memory

SD card support for expansion

Applications (E-POS consumer machine):

Small supermarkets, entertainment consumer sites, restaurants, schools, libraries, membership points places
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