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Product Overview (School Paper credit card machine):

YongHao School Paper swipe machine through professional design, beautifully produced, simple operation, safe and reliable, functional and practical, easy to install, has been successfully used in the major cities kindergartens and schools project. When students leave school to school and on the school bus or school attached to the front of the School Paper card machine credit card, you can automatically generate attendance records, real-time via wireless transmission function to upload to server platforms, server platforms via SMS to the school and the student leaving time notification to parents, so that parents of students to grasp trends.
Features (School Paper credit card machine):

1, the device has the ability to work offline offline, to meet the school bus / attendance overall design requirements;

2, the device supports school bus fees and attendance record dual-mode requirements;

3, large capacity storage devices to meet the requirements of transactions, and to guarantee the security of data;

4, showing a clear, bright, information and simple, and to support the number of statistics in support of the car (to school), get off (at school) statistics;

5, the system supports the use of real-name system card, a card and a secret, the user card electronic wallet format. The system uses encryption process PSAM card (reserved), the key process using the DES encryption algorithm, safe and reliable;

6, it is possible to authenticate the validity of the user card, if found illegal cards, voice alarm, to protect the security of transactions;

7, a variety of voice prompts, voice prompts different cards of different types;

8, support the driver or teacher attendance records and vehicle management and other functions;

9, perfect blacklist management and storage, and at least 300,000 blacklist number;

10, support serial communication, USB communication, CDMA / GPRS wireless data communications, the choice of CDMA / GPRS wireless communication to download data and blacklist, you can set other parameters;

11, can be integrated GPS positioning module to the vehicle device also can be connected with standalone GPS positioning module. Accurate positioning of the vehicle according to the actual needs of the operation, so that the corresponding vehicle device information stations, in order to achieve real-time visibility students locate information;

12, vehicle terminal support online software upgrades.

Technical parameters (School Paper credit card machine):





 Display method

 Front LCD, 128x64dot, rear digital display, two LED status indicators


 32 ARM


 SDRAM. Storage

 Communication Interface

 Support USB, GPRS / CDMA, another scalable RS485


 DC12V/3A –DC24V/3A

 Storage capacity

 More than 59,999 records

 Reader frequency


 Reader module

 Support Mifare Card

 Transfer rate

 232 speed 57600BPS

Reading Speed


Reading distance


 Blacklist management


Relative humidity

 20% RH ~ 85% RH (non-condensing)

 Ambient temperature

 Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃


Set aside two function keys

 Extended GPS

 GPS global positioning, support running track vehicle terminal can be extended to support Vehicle Location Map

 RS485 external expansion

 Through the RS485 interface to connect an external display connected digital photo frame card image and information


 Vehicle terminal support online upgrade

Applications (School Paper credit card machine):

Shuttle nursery school bus, schools car, school and other places inside
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