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System overview(RFID Pet Electronic Label Solution)

The RFID pet identification management system includes two parts: software system and hardware system. The software system consists of central database management software and terminal management software, which is used to manage, input and transmit pet information data. The hardware system is composed of pet chip, reader, read-write device and data server. It is used to collect, identify and transmit pet data.

System Functional Structure and Working Principle

1. Implant the chip into the subcutaneous of the animal with a chip syringe.

2. Use handheld reader to read data effectively.

3. Establish and submit electronic files to the central database.

System application

Applicable to pet hospitals, pastures, farms, etc.

Advantage analysis(RFID Pet Electronic Label Solution)

(1) Automatic recognition

The pet identity coding is implemented, which makes it easy for managers to get the owner information, disease information, immune status, violation records and other information of a pet as long as they use the system handheld device.

(2) Efficient traceability

The whole life cycle of pets is tracked by the system, and pet immunity is strictly managed. Taking dog breeding as an example, the system can effectively control rabies and supervise uncivilized dog breeding behavior.

(3) Convenience

The system is fully electronic data centralized management, which makes a lot of data search work completed by the server, saves a lot of manpower and time, and makes the response to events more efficient and fast.

(4) Safety

RFID tag is specially designed for pets. It has fast identification response time and low average failure rate. It can ensure the security, timeliness and stability of tag identification. In addition, high performance and fault tolerant system server can ensure the high stability, security and network transmission speed of the server, thus realizing the real-time transmission of the system and ensuring the timely transmission of information. Sex.

(5) Improving management level

Electronic management, accurate and effective information, all-round standardization of pet behavior.

(6) System scalability

Considering the future development trend and the promotion of information construction, system design can easily realize system expansion.

Function introduction(RFID Pet Electronic Label Solution)

(1) Pet identification

Each PET chip has a unique global identification code (UID), which can be used as a lifetime electronic identification code for pets because the chip has a lifetime of more than 30 years. Pet law enforcement officers or veterinarians in pet hospitals can quickly obtain pet identification information or annual check-up information by gently scanning the position of the pet implant chip with a hand-held reader. Enforcement officers can input the pet identity information to transfer pet electronic files from the central database to obtain basic information such as pet name, type, sex, birth date, physiological characteristics and pet owner's name, contact way and so on.

(2) Query of quarantine information

Pets can receive vaccination types, time and other information for inquiry.

(3) Pet tracking query

If pets are lost, pet owners can log on the Internet to search for pets or publish pet loss information, and use the Internet to find their pets. Workers in homeless pet shelters can also use PET chips to inquire about pet owners, publish information about picking up and keeping pets on the Internet.

System topological graph(RFID Pet Electronic Label Solution)

configuration(RFID Pet Electronic Label Solution)

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