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System overview(RFID Storage Solution)

The RFID warehousing solution is the comprehensive solution of Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. for the application of RFID in the warehousing field. According to the experience of information implementation and based on the self-developed RFID reading and writing equipment, the system provides enterprises with the analysis of the application mode of RFID, realizes the automation, informatization and intellectualization of enterprise logistics operation, and realizes the seamless connection between RFID technology and enterprise information system, so as to ensure that the RFID technology plays the greatest benefit in enterprise logistics operation.

RFID is an advanced and powerful technology, which is based on unlimited radio frequency technology and can be used as a means of identification of materials. In addition to storing unique identification number, RFID can also store a large number of useful information related to materials and transmit it safely by wireless means. The RFID tag will be encapsulated on the surface of the material, and the information will be stored in the chip in the center of the tag. The information contained in the tag can be read and updated in a controllable range by the card reader working with it. The RFID card reader can connect with the background software system in various interfaces and ways, and carry out more complex logic processing. RFID technology is different from the common bar code technology nowadays. RFID tags can carry more information, can communicate with longer examples, and use flexibly.

The RFID system has three components:

(1) RFID Tags

RFID tags, in which the chip will store unique identification and other updated information; from the appearance, tags can also have a variety of packaging forms. From the point of view of power supply mode, tags can be divided into active and passive.

(2) RFID card reader

The RFID card reader shoulders the important responsibility of how to read any RFID tag in real time within the scope of monitoring, and is responsible for transmitting the read information to the background software system through the appropriate network.

(3) RFID Middleware

RFID middleware is the "heart" of the whole system. It obtains all kinds of real-time information about front-end tags and processes them in real time according to customers'needs.

Because of its readability and writability, RFID tags are especially suitable for occasions requiring frequent changes in data content. They play a role in data acquisition and transmission of system instructions. They are widely used in warehouse management, transportation management, production management, material tracking, vehicle and shelf identification, anti-theft of goods in stores, especially supermarkets.

System application

Suitable for commodity production, circulation, transportation and other aspects.

Advantage analysis(RFID Storage Solution)

The most widely used radio frequency technology is to access goods and inventory, which can be used to achieve automated inventory and acquisition operations. In the whole warehouse management, the combination of the receiving plan, taking plan and loading plan made by the supply chain planning system with radio frequency identification technology can effectively complete various business operations, such as designated storage area, shelf pick-up and replenishment. In this way, it enhances the accuracy and rapidity of operation, improves the quality of service, reduces costs, saves labor and inventory space, and reduces the losses caused by misplacement, misdelivery, theft, damage, inventory and shipment errors in the whole logistics.

RFID technology reduces manpower in inventory counting. The design of RFID is to automate the registration of goods. It does not need manual checking or scanning barcode when checking. It is faster and more accurate, and reduces wastage. The RFID solution can provide accurate information about inventory, which enables managers to quickly identify and correct inefficient operations, thus achieving rapid delivery and minimizing storage costs.

Function introduction(RFID Storage Solution)

(1) Advanced acquisition means: make full use of the data acquisition function of bar code acquisition equipment or RFID equipment itself, adopt GPRS/GPS network communication technology and wireless local area network technology to realize real-time data acquisition and mobile operation of various supporting equipment.

(2) Data acquisition is complete and accurate: Based on PDA device or RFID mobile data acquisition device (CL-A300 or CL-A930), the system can store a large amount of barcode information into the device or transmit it directly to the server through the network. The acquisition efficiency is high and the accuracy rate is greatly improved.

(3) Two-way and fast information transmission channel: real-time data acquisition system implemented by GPRS/GPS network communication technology and wireless local area network technology will keep two-way interaction between handheld devices and servers. Data can be transmitted to the server through handheld devices in time, and can also send instructions to the device in time through the server to achieve two-way and fast communication.

(4) Safety and reliability of the system: The establishment of barcode asset system sets up a detailed security backup and recovery mechanism, and provides hot standby for both computers when data is realized. At the same time, it provides operation log and personnel authorization. The field equipment chooses high-performance hardware products and network products to make the acquisition system run more stable and reliable.

(5) Friendly interface and easy operation: The system not only realizes all functions on the original display terminal (DT300 or DT930) and has been sinicized, but also extends many new functions. The PDA system based on Windows Mobile has friendly user interface, beautiful and easy to operate.

(6) Advanced technology, good scalability: the use of advanced computer application technology, has good scalability. Open architecture and long-term life cycle can meet the needs of sustainable development in the future. It can easily realize seamless data connection with enterprise ERP, CRM and other systems.

System topological graph(RFID Storage Solution)

configuration(RFID Storage Solution)

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