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System overview(RFID Park Garden Solution)

According to the actual demand of park fee management, the RFID park system combines mobile communication technology, RFID technology and computer information management system to realize the intelligent management system of unified cartoon billing and settlement for the admission and consumption of a wide range of scenic spots in the park.

In view of the actual situation of the park, from the perspectives of reliability, manageability, extensibility, development and security, combined with various systems that may be purchased in the process of system implementation, the system adopts the architecture of combining client/server and browser/server. Client/server is mainly used for those parts with complex interface, confidentiality, high security and database modification operation. Browser/server uses HTTP of WWW technology to browse information based on pages. It is used in those parts which mainly focus on information sharing, information communication, information retrieval and query. With the browser/server structure design system, users can query public information without installing special client software, and do not need special training for users. Moreover, when upgrading the system, they only need to modify the data and application of the server side, which is convenient for maintenance.

System Functional Structure and Working Principle

The RFID Park Tour System is based on the overall design framework of "taking tourists as the service object, charging management as the purpose, using various information technology as management means, combining with people-oriented service concept, and realizing IC card integrated management system".

Based on the construction requirement of the RFID Park Park system, the front end uses GPRS module or integrated GPRS module handset as data acquisition tool. ISP serves as intermediate service between terminal and telecommunication room to solve communication. The management user logs in to the remote data server through ADSL. The data server is located in telecommunication room, using fixed IP address, GPRS module or handset to start. It can realize the handshake communication between the terminal and the server. The structure is simple and flexible, and it is easy to expand the system.

RFID park system is suitable for park management and other aspects.

Advantage analysis(RFID Park Garden Solution)

(1) In the overall structure design of the RFID Park Park system, taking full account of the current situation and future system expansion requirements, multi-interface, open framework design is adopted.

(2) Establish the information platform of unified management, form the data standardization of all kinds of information, construct the excellent digital space and information sharing environment, and further realize the networking of data transmission, the intellectualization of user terminals and the centralization of settlement management in the park;

(3) Establish a unified identity authentication mechanism and a verification management platform based on the unified identity authentication mechanism to realize the information management of tourists;

(4) Closely integrate all business processes with the system, realize seamless connection between system functions and business processes, and promote the construction of networked hardware infrastructure platform in the base;

(5) To achieve unified electronic payment and fee collection management and vertical management;

(6) Establish an effective interface between business systems, and ultimately realize the effective operation of IC card integrated management system.

(7) In the design and development of application program, site and component are adopted. Different services correspond to different functional modules. Moreover, when each operator and user accesses a certain system, only applications within their permission and related processing data appear on the site. Through the customization function of the system, the friendliness and security of the system can be improved.

Function introduction(RFID Park Garden Solution)

(1) Middleware-based application server: providing system access and access for various application systems.

(2) Web server: The basic system Web service platform is established. Based on IIS service, the system application of B/S architecture is provided. On this basis, the system provides application systems such as management center, clearing and clearing center, self-service system and so on.

(3) Electronic wallet application: The main wallet is generally consistent with the electronic wallet, which mainly stores the cardholder's cash recharge and other account information, and keeps synchronization with the database of the Park Card Center. Each consumption forms a running water and is recorded in the general account. Mainly used in all kinds of consumption.

(4) Identity recognition system: Park card replaces the tickets of each department, access rights (access control and parking management) of each exit, etc.

(5) Self-service system: B/S client provides self-service functions of card customers, including personal account management (temporary recharge), loss reporting, password modification and other functions.

System topological graph(RFID Park Garden Solution)

configuration(RFID Park Garden Solution)

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